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Rio 2016 announces ticket prices for Olympic Games with focus on making event open to all

By Rio 2016

More than half of the 7.5 million tickets will be priced at 70 Brazilian reals (US$30) or below, with cheapest entry at 40 Brazilian reals

Rio 2016 announces ticket prices for Olympic Games with focus on making event open to all

Fans will be able to register their interest in their preferred sports with Rio 2016 in November (Getty Images/Adam Pretty)

Ticket prices for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have been announced – and more than half of them will be sold at accessible prices in order to ensure that the event is open to everyone. About 7.5 million tickets will be issued and approximately 3.8 million of these will be available for 70 Brazilian reals (US$30) or less. Price ranges (in Brazilian reais) for all sports and ceremonies are available here.

There will be tickets for 717 sports sessions, covering all 28 Olympic sports, plus the opening and closing ceremonies. The range of prices is designed to make tickets as affordable as possible, with the goal of ensuring that the local population has the opportunity to attend events. The cheapest ticket will be priced at 40 Brazilian reals (less than US$20).

The announcement was made in a special digital presentation to the Brazilian and international media on Tuesday (16 September) afternoon. The full Rio 2016 Olympic Games Ticket Sales Programme will be unveiled in November 2014, along with the competition schedule and details on how the public can buy tickets.

The next step on the spectator’s journey towards participating in the first Olympic Games to be staged in South America will come in November, when fans from all over the world will be able to register their interest in the ticketing programme. Rio 2016 will then inform them when an authorised ticket reseller has been appointed to sell tickets in their territory. Fans will also be able to indicate which sports interest them and will then receive tailored news and information on these sports and athletes, as well as other exciting events around the Games, as anticipation builds towards 2016. 

Brazilian residents will be able to enter the first of two draws for tickets in March 2015. Non-Brazilian residents will be able to apply to buy tickets in their own territories in 2015 (more details will be announced at a later date).