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For the athlete who has won 15 medals
in the Paralympic Games, the hero is
is a volunteer who shows great pride in
bringing the medals to the competition venues.
For the player behind the winning shot
in the 2004 Olympic volleyball final,
the hero is a volunteer who cleans
the court quickly during Games.
For the athlete who became an Olympic performer
at the age of 15, the hero is a volunteer
participating in the first ever Olympic Games
to be held in South America.
For the athlete who swam 50m in 20.91 seconds,
the hero is a volunteer who arrives first at
the athletes' village to make sure
everything is organised.
For the athlete who displayed Brazil's rhythm
at the Olympic Games, the hero is a volunteer
who shows the whole world the joy
of the Brazilian people.
For the Paralympian with three athletics gold
medals, the hero is a volunteer who
hurries to get water for
the athletes who need it.


Daniel Dias
Ten gold medals in Paralympic swimming Arthur Maciel Vanderlei de Oliveira Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Volleyball Olympic champion Phelipe Oliveira de Macedo Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Ricardo Prado
Olympic swimming medal-winner Silvia Maria Silva Santos Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Cesar Cielo
Olympic swimming champion Maria Eduarda de Oliveira Borrelli Junqueira Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Daiane dos Santos
Artistic ground gymnastics world champion Ana Beatriz Viana Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Terezinha Guilhermina
Three gold medals in Paralympic athletics Francisca Lúcia Maciel da Silva Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Applications will be open
until 15 November 2014
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Why be a Rio 2016 volunteer?


helping with many of the activities that will be carried out in Rio de Janeiro and cities hosting football matches. Volunteering will also benefit you by enriching your CV, expanding your network, and giving you the chance to meet people from different cultures. You will also be able to enjoy exclusive training courses that will be provided for selected candidates. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to participate and make the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games part of your own life’s history.

Benefits for the Rio 2016 Volunteer Team: Personal
New friends.
New contacts
Certificate of participation An online
English course
Self-confidence Transport in the
Rio de Janeiro
Food on
working days
and satisfaction


To be part of the Rio 2016
Volunteer Team,
you need to:
  • be 18 years old by 28 February 2016
  • be available for ten days during the Olympic and/or Paralympic Games
  • have completed your basic education (not mandatory)
  • be available during each step of the selection process and undergo training sessions, which may take up to three full days
A Rio 2016 Volunteer is a person who:
  • Makes it happen

    they are committed, proactive and adapt well
    to different situations.

  • Values people

    knows how to work in a team, gets along
    well with different people, and cares about
    everyone around them.

  • Promotes joy

    inspires people with their positive
    energy and attitude.

Which roles best match my profile?

Welcoming the public at competition venues, indicating the best routes, helping foreigners to communicate.
A volunteer can play many roles in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games. Discover what you would like your role to be and sign up!

If you love dealing with the public and feel at ease talking to people you do not know, this is the job for you. Volunteering within CUSTOMER SERVICES you will be helping and interacting with spectators and athletes in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

• Welcoming and providing assistance at venues, the Olympic Village and airports
• Guiding the flow of people entering and leaving venues
• Queue organisation
• Checking tickets at the entrances of competition venues
• Providing support in checking credentials at access-controlled entry points
• Providing general information inside competition venues, such as helping people find their seats and helping them find what they are looking for
• Helping people with a disability move around inside venues
• Working on information desks and in the lost-and-found office
• Providing assistance to sponsors and partners

General requirements

Great Communication skills
Good-humoured approach
Good listener
Comfortable when interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds


SPORTS volunteers are real sports enthusiasts, going to sleep and waking up with sport on their minds, as well as having in-depth knowledge of the rules of their favourite sport. They will help organise competitions and provide support for delegations inside the sports venues. These volunteers will be responsible for:

• Helping with sports equipment and its maintenance inside competition venues and at training facilities
• Providing operational support during competitions
• Handling and distributing sports equipment

General Requirements

In-depth knowledge of the sport
Experience in related activities
Physically fit and well


If you are drawn to activities related to communications, photography and content production, and are interested in working with the press, you could be a PRESS AND COMMUNICATION volunteer, responsible for:

• Producing content for various communications channels
• Releasing competition results to the press
• Staffing press centre information desks
• Helping in the operational coordination of press conference rooms
• Working in the sports venues’ mixed zones

General requirements

High level writing skills
Articulate speaker
Experience in press-related activities, such as photography, filming, press office work and text editing.


OPERATIONAL SUPPORT volunteers will help in various important areas whose shared task is to organise the Rio 2016 Games, including administrative services, accreditation, logistics and distribution of uniforms. As an operational support volunteer, you will be responsible for:

• Assisting with uniform distribution
• Supporting Workforce Check-In Operations
• Access control and credential production support
• Circulate information relevant to the running of the Games
• Distribute materials to capture people’s attention

General requirements

Knowledge of administration concepts
Organisation and planning
Basic computer skills


The opening and closing ceremonies and the victory ceremonies for each sport competition are always supercharged with pomp, emotion and excitement. And if the looks on the faces of all those involved are to touch the millions of viewers around the world, many volunteers will have to work in the wings to ensure that everything is perfectly synchronised. Volunteers will be responsible for:

• Providing logistical and protocol support for the opening and closing ceremonies
• Supporting hairdressers, make-up artists and dressers
• Assisting with sets and behind the scenes at ceremonies
• Ensuring that the correct flags are raised at victory ceremonies
• Carrying medals and bouquets at victory ceremonies
• Helping organise the victory ceremonies
• Accompanying athletes from the waiting area to the podium

General requirements

Good dress sense and familiarity with hairdressing and make-up
Basic experience in artistic productions
Experience in organising events
Manual skills
Experience in organising ceremonies


To be a part of the cast that will help make these events even more unforgettable, we are looking for volunteers with a passion for creativity to show us what they can do. The selection process for the ceremony cast will be conducted separately, with applications opening in February 2015. You do not need any specific experience or know-how to take part, just leave your details below in order to receive more information once registration is open.


If you want to sign up for the ceremony cast, DO NOT REGISTER YOURSELF IN THE VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME. Click on CEREMONY cast at the bottom of this page and fill out the form with your name and an email where you can be contacted


If you want to use your language skills and are able to welcome people from throughout the world, this is your group. Being a PROTOCOL AND LANGUAGES volunteer means that you will help with:

• Accompanying athletes and delegation members during the Games
• Assisting national and international delegations at airports and hotels
• Providing administrative and logistical assistance in activities, such as official events, cultural programmes and competitions
• Interpreting athletes’ comments in another language
• Helping welcome delegations, helping to transfer them to the Olympic Village and ensure that they have satisfactory accommodation and recreational amenities.

General requirements

High level communication skills
Fluency in foreign languages
Interpersonal relations
Presentation skills and ability to maintain confidentiality.


Healthcare knowledge and certification are basic requirements for HEALTH SERVICES volunteers during the Games. Professionals working in the most varied specialities, including doctors, dentists, nurses, technicians, first-aid workers, masseurs, physiotherapists and veterinary surgeons, will be the heroes of this team. They will be responsible for:

• Providing medical assistance to athletes and spectators in training and competitions venues, and in the Olympic Village
• Providing scheduled and emergency consultations during the Games
• Providing dental treatment to athletes
• Dispensing, controlling, storing and transporting pharmaceuticals
• Performing laboratory and imaging tests for athletes
• Providing anti-doping services


Academic qualifications and professional experience in healthcare and medicine.

HEALTH SERVICES volunteers will work in competition and non-competition facilities, as well as at medical stations, polyclinics and in mobile units supporting the Games. Each competition venue will have medical stations exclusively for athletes and stations exclusively for spectators, workforce and ancillary staff.

• Dentist, dental hygienist, dental radiologist, dental prosthesis technician, dental surgery assistant, dental assistant
• Pharmacist
• Physiotherapist
• Masseur or massage therapist
• Nurse, nursing technician, nursing assistant
• Medical radiologist
• Orthopaedic immobilisation technician
• First-aid worker
• Doctors with various specialisations


Computers and cables, internet connections, mobile phones and applications  this is the technology athletes need. If you have sporting tendencies and are very familiar with this world, register for the Rio 2016 Volunteer Programme to help out with TECHNOLOGY. Our digital volunteers will be responsible for:

• Providing technical support for information services at the Games
• Operating competition scoreboards
• Working on competition result statistics
• Generating and circulating printed matter relating to competition results
• Using walkie-talkies in competition arenas

General requirements

Knowledge of computers and the internet
Familiarity with information technology and telecommunications
Experience on help desks


If you think you are a good driver, feel comfortable about taking specified routes through Rio de Janeiro and would be happy organising transport for people involved in the Games, then you are the right person with the right skills for taking on the tasks of a TRANSPORT volunteer. Always ready with a smile, transport volunteers will provide information and help people of various nationalities and from widely-differing cultures. TRANSPORT volunteers will be responsible for:

• Driving light vehicles between competition zones
• Managing the volume of passengers taking official Games’ transport
• Providing information on transport routes and timetables
• Helping update vehicle flow information and working with the transport monitoring system
• Organising vehicle parking
• Helping schedule official vehicle arrivals and departures
• Guiding people to transport points when they leave competition venues

General requirements

Basic knowledge of public transport in Rio de Janeiro and the football cities
Holding a current Brazilian driver’s license
Experience in directing people and a good sense of direction
Being fast, fit and flexible

I’m a person with a disability. How can I participate?

In 2016, a group of 70,000
volunteers will help stage the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In order to be part of this group, you will be guided along a journey of approximately two years, during which time you will discover the best role to match your profile.

There are dozens of possibilities, from helping at airports and ceremonies, to being a photographer’s assistant or camera operator. Since we want to avoid anything getting in the way of your work during the event, we are preparing our venues with everything you will need.

Volunteer work and
people with an disability
Watch the video
Check out the story
of Emily Yates,
a volunteer at the
London 2012 Games

Find out how the selection process works

  • Registration is open
    28 August 2014
    to 15 November 2014
  • Online dynamics
    October 2014
  • Applications close and
    language levelling starts
    November 2014
  • Beginning of the
    interview process
    February 2015
    to May 2016
  • Letter of Invitation
    June 2015
  • Start of
    training sessions
    November 2015
    to June 2016
    March 2016
  • Accreditation
    July 2016
    August and
    September 2016
  • Celebration

As well as at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, you will be able to take part in Aquece Rio, the Rio 2016 test event programme that gets underway in the second half of 2015.

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