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For the athlete who has won 15 medals
in the Paralympic Games, the hero is
is a volunteer who shows great pride in
bringing the medals to the competition venues.
For the player behind the winning shot
in the 2004 Olympic volleyball final,
the hero is a volunteer who cleans
the court quickly during Games.
For the athlete who became an Olympic performer
at the age of 15, the hero is a volunteer
participating in the first ever Olympic Games
to be held in South America.
For the athlete who swam 50m in 20.91 seconds,
the hero is a volunteer who arrives first at
the athletes' village to make sure
everything is organised.
For the athlete who displayed Brazil's rhythm
at the Olympic Games, the hero is a volunteer
who shows the whole world the joy
of the Brazilian people.
For the Paralympian with three athletics gold
medals, the hero is a volunteer who
hurries to get water for
the athletes who need it.


Daniel Dias
Ten gold medals in Paralympic swimming Arthur Maciel Vanderlei de Oliveira Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Volleyball Olympic champion Phelipe Oliveira de Macedo Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Ricardo Prado
Olympic swimming medal-winner Silvia Maria Silva Santos Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Cesar Cielo
Olympic swimming champion Maria Eduarda de Oliveira Borrelli Junqueira Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Daiane dos Santos
Artistic ground gymnastics world champion Ana Beatriz Viana Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Terezinha Guilhermina
Three gold medals in Paralympic athletics Francisca Lúcia Maciel da Silva Rio 2016 pioneer volunteer
Applications will be open
until 15 November 2014
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Why be a Rio 2016 volunteer?


helping with many of the activities that will be carried out in Rio de Janeiro and cities hosting football matches. Volunteering will also benefit you by enriching your CV, expanding your network, and giving you the chance to meet people from different cultures. You will also be able to enjoy exclusive training courses that will be provided for selected candidates. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to participate and make the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games part of your own life’s history.

Benefits for the Rio 2016 Volunteer Team: Personal
New friends.
New contacts
Certificate of participation An online
English course
Self-confidence Transport in the
Rio de Janeiro
Food on
working days
and satisfaction


To be part of the Rio 2016
Volunteer Team,
you need to:
  • be 18 years old by 28 February 2016
  • be available for ten days during the Olympic and/or Paralympic Games
  • have completed your basic education (not mandatory)
  • be available during each step of the selection process and undergo training sessions, which may take up to three full days
A Rio 2016 Volunteer is a person who:
  • Makes it happen

    they are committed, proactive and adapt well
    to different situations.

  • Values people

    knows how to work in a team, gets along
    well with different people, and cares about
    everyone around them.

  • Promotes joy

    inspires people with their positive
    energy and attitude.

Which roles best match my profile?

Welcoming the public at competition venues, indicating the best routes, helping foreigners to communicate.
A volunteer can play many roles in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games. Discover what you would like your role to be and sign up!

If you are outgoing, friendly, and not shy talking to people that you don’t know, then this is the place for you. As a CUSTOMER SERVICES volunteer, you will interact with tourists and help spectators and athletes in many different situations, such as:

• Welcoming and helping tourists and athletes in airports and at bus stations
• Checking tickets at entrances to competitions
• Working in the lost & found
• Working in the sporting venues, providing information to spectators
• Providing assistance to sponsors, partners and other providers
• Offering support for all activities held in the Olympic Village, such as reception, transport, recreation and accommodation for delegations, national and international Olympic committees and other residents at the Village
• Assist in the organization of visits from the International Olympic Committee and the IPC

General skills

• Good communicator
• Good interpersonal skills
• Strong physical disposition


SPORTS volunteers think about sport as they fall asleep and when they wake up. They can be considered fans, as well as having detailed knowledge of the rules of their favourite event. Mostly they will have contact with the athletes, working within the sporting venues. Here are some of the duties of these volunteers:

• Assisting in the support and maintenance of sporting equipment, both that of the sporting venues and of the delegations and athletes
• Preparing the venues for the sporting events
• Maintenance of venues during the events
• Assisting with posting results
• Assisting with the weighing of athletes
• Providing first aid to horses for the Equestrian events
• Providing care as a veterinarian
• Providing farrier services for the Equestrian events


Academic training and/or experience in activities related to sports


If you are a professional in the area of Communications, Marketing, Advertising or similar, and you are interested in the field of journalism, you could get involved as a PRESS AND COMMUNICATION volunteer. Because this team is part of the group that gives a voice to the facts, we need members who are also interested in promoting diversity and fighting prejudice. Here are the main duties of this Group:

• Providing results and information on the Games to members of the international press
• Writing reports on the competitions and distributing them to the Games’ Press Centre
• Working at information booths at press centres
• Coordinating schedules for press conferences

General skills

Experience in publications, working with publishers, proofreading, press and journalism


Academic training in journalism, literature or advertising


Organisation, administration, documentation and concern for the environment are themes that go well with the volunteers that will help in event organisation at the Rio 2016 Games. If that sounds like you, see below for the duties that you could have as a volunteer with this team:

• Participating in the distribution of uniforms for the entire team working at the Games
• Assisting and tracking the entire work force during the Games, checking schedules and tracking presences and absences
• Ensuring the integrity of the brands associated with the Games, verifying their use in the surroundings of the sporting venues
• Ensuring ticket sales within the premises of the event

General skills

• Administrative skills
• Organization


Experience in administration, food preparation, auditing, library science, accounting, law, economics, hotel management, corporate organization, tourism


The opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the medal awards ceremonies for athletes in each sporting event, are always hugely exciting. To make sure that the sparkle in the eyes of all the performers in these stories touch the millions of spectators around the world, a cast of volunteers will be working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Volunteers’ duties will include:

• Assisting at the Ceremonies
• Carrying the countries’ flags in the opening and closing ceremonies, and at sporting events
• Carrying the medals and flowers at the awards ceremonies
• During the awards ceremonies, accompanying the athletes from the waiting area to the podium

General skills

• Event management
• Event services
• Hairstyling / cosmetics / makeup
• Construction / carpentry
• Stage management


• Knowledge in the area of artistic productions
• Experience with backstage activities
• Experience of event production
• Knowledge of sewing and dressmaking
• Knowledge of cosmetics
• Knowledge of style/ beauty


To be a part of the cast that will help make these events even more unforgettable, we are looking for volunteers with a passion for creativity to show us what they can do. The selection process for the ceremony cast will be conducted separately, with applications opening in February 2015. You do not need any specific experience or know-how to take part, just leave your details below in order to receive more information once registration is open.


If you want to sign up for the ceremony cast, DO NOT REGISTER YOURSELF IN THE VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME. Click on CEREMONY cast at the bottom of this page and fill out the form with your name and an email where you can be contacted


If you are interested in other languages and different cultures, you are a PROTOCOL AND LANGUAGES volunteer. Being able to relate to people from other countries and an ability to adapt in order to deal with cultural differences is important for:

• Accompanying athletes and delegation employees during the Games
• Assisting the national and international delegations with their check-ins and check-outs during the Games
• Offering administrative assistance to the delegations, such as coordination of official events, cultural programs and competitions
• Acting as support for conversations in different languages
• Offering information and logistical support for athletes and delegation employees over the entire event

General skills

• Good communicator
• Foreign languages
• Strong physical disposition


Professional knowledge and experience are essential to become a HEALTH SERVICES volunteer at the Games. Health professionals from every specialty including doctors, dentists, nurses, technicians, first aiders, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and other professionals will be the heroes of this team that will, along with other duties:

• Perform emergency examinations and transport patients during the Games
• Assist in dental care for spectators and athletes
• Assist in the dispensing, tracking, storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products
• Offer assistance to athletes in training and competition venues
• Take X-rays of athletes and spectators in the radiology and diagnostic imaging departments
• Provide anti-doping services


Academic training and professional experience in areas related to Medicine and Health

* The volunteers of HEALTH SERVICES will work both in competition and non-competition facilities, as well as in health centres, clinics and ambulances near the Games areas. In each sporting venue, there will be medical aid stations exclusively for athletes, and others that will be exclusively for spectators, workers and other people involved in the activities.


Computers, cables, connections and internet. All of these combine in the world of the individuals who will be responsible for providing support and assistance in different areas involving technology, results or timing. If you have the electronics bug and know this world well, get involved in the Games’ Volunteer Program. Here are the duties of these lovers of technology:

• Providing technical support for information services at the games and for users
• Operating scoreboards at sporting events
• Participating in the calculation of statistics of the results of events
• Tracking the information shown on the scoreboards, in compliance with the rules for each type of event
• Distributing printed material with the events results
• Operating portable radio stations at the sporting venues

General skills

• Knowledge of information technology
• IT skills
• Experience in telecommunications


Professional experience: Computer science, electrical engineering, information technology, internet, technology services, telecommunications


If you consider yourself to be a car, truck or bus driver, if you would love to drive around the Marvelous City and would take great pleasure in organizing the transportation of people involved in the Games, it can be said that you have the values and skills of a TRANSPORT volunteer. Volunteers from this group will provide information and guide people of different nationalities and cultures around the streets of Rio de Janeiro, always with a smile. Here are the duties of a TRANSPORT volunteer:

• Organizing parking
• Managing flow of people for official Games transportation
• Providing assistance in the management and monitoring of the transportation system during the Games
• Assisting with updating information on vehicle flow
• Assisting with scheduling of arrivals and departures of official vehicles
• Work as a driver of light or heavy vehicles between event regions

General skills

• Valid driver’s license
• Knowledge of public transportation in Rio de Janeiro and football cities (Sao Paulo, Salvador, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte)
• Skill for driving cars, vans, trucks, buses and/or other heavy vehicles
• Knowledge of roads systems in Rio de Janeiro and football cities (Sao Paulo, Salvador, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte)


• Previous experience with driving people
• Valid driver’s license

I’m a person with a disability. How can I participate?

In 2016, a group of 70,000
volunteers will help stage the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In order to be part of this group, you will be guided along a journey of approximately two years, during which time you will discover the best role to match your profile.

There are dozens of possibilities, from helping at airports and ceremonies, to being a photographer’s assistant or camera operator. Since we want to avoid anything getting in the way of your work during the event, we are preparing our venues with everything you will need.

Volunteer work and
people with an disability
Watch the video
Check out the story
of Emily Yates,
a volunteer at the
London 2012 Games

Find out how the selection process works

  • Registration is open
    28 August 2014
    to 15 November 2014
  • Online dynamics
    October 2014
  • Applications close and
    language levelling starts
    November 2014
  • Beginning of the
    interview process
    February 2015
    to May 2016
  • Letter of Invitation
    June 2015
  • Start of
    training sessions
    November 2015
    to June 2016
    March 2016
  • Accreditation
    July 2016
    August and
    September 2016
  • Celebration

As well as at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, you will be able to take part in Aquece Rio, the Rio 2016 test event programme that gets underway in the second half of 2015.

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