Tony Azevedo

Tony Azevedo
Water Polo United States of America

Tony Azevedo

Four-time Olympian and silver medallist at Beijing 2008 Four gold medals at Pan American Games (1999, 2003, 2007, 2011)
Full name: Tony Azevedo Date and location of birth: 21 November 1981 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Height: 1.98m Weight: 93kg


Started playing water polo when he was eight His father, Ricardo Azevedo, played for Brazil and coached the USA national team Was born in Rio de Janeiro Moved to the USA when he was one month old
Has a cat named Snow “She is bright white. She is spoiled and loves a good steak, like her dad” Keeps his medals in a safety deposit box After his mum ‘lost’ one for six months
Favourite meal A good churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) Favourite film The Last of the Mohicans

Best thing in the Olympic Village

On representing his nation at the Olympic Games

“The food. I love eating, and the cafeteria is phenomenal. There is food of every kind.” “I remember walking into my first opening ceremony with Vince Carter and David Robinson on either side of me. Both of them were amazed at the experience. If an NBA star is at a loss for words, imagine how everyone else must be feeling!”
Tony Azevedo
Rio is one of a kind. For someone coming to Brazil for the Olympic Games, it is going to be like going to Disneyland for the first time. I hope and feel like the Rio Games will be remembered forever.
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