Venues map


Deodoro Olympic Park will be the second largest concentration of competition venues during the Rio 2016 Games, promising a vibrant mix of traditional and newer sports. Located in the west of Rio, the neighbourhood of Deodoro played a prominent role in the 2007 Pan-American Games, when a number of new venues were built there. This resulted in increased participation of young people in several sports and the aim is to build on this achievement through the Rio 2016 Games. A sporting legacy will be left in the shape of the X-Park, which will include the Whitewater Stadium and Olympic BMX Centre, along with a 500,000m2 public leisure area, the second biggest in Rio.

The region has a strong military presence thanks to a large barracks and two of the venues built for the Pan-Am Games that will be renovated for the Rio 2016 Games – the Olympic Shooting Centre and Olympic Equestrian Centre – are used by the army.

Deodoro's nine venues will host 11 Olympic sports and four Paralympic sports in 2016 (see the map above for full details).


As well as the X-Park, the Rio 2016 Games will result in substantial investment in transport infrastructure that will improve connections between Deodoro and other parts of the city.