Official Supporters of Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

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Official supporters of the Olympic Games Rio 2016™

Sadia, BRF’s brand official supporter of the 2016 Olympic Games in the Packaged Foods (tier 2) category, is genuinely connected to the sports universe and believes that encouraging sports it is a great way to inspire people of all ages to adopt healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, the brand is constantly seeking new opportunities to bring Brazilians closer to sports practice.

Sadia has a longstanding engagement with Olympic sports. The brand created the Sadia Family - eight elite athletes, including Olympic medalists Sarah Menezes, Mayra Aguiar and Arthur Zanetti as well as Flavia Gomes and Rafaela Silva, judo’s world champions – and sponsors the Brazilian Confederations of Football, Judo and Aquatic Sports.

In addition to these sponsorships, the brand holds other initiatives with focus on social inclusion, such as the sponsorships of Instituto Lançar-se para o Futuro, in Rio de Janeiro - which promotes the development of children and youngsters by athletic practice - and of Projeto Ginástica Rítmica de Toledo (PR) created by the brand in 1996 to benefit the community and BRF factory’s employees’ daughters.

Furthermore, in 2014 it became the major and naming right sponsor of Copa Sadia do Brasil – the most democratic football competition in Brazil for having teams from all states and regions – and sponsor of Luverdense, team of Lucas do Rio Verde city, where one of the company’s factory is placed.

The sport is one of the strategic pillars of BRF, which understands that investing in athletes is one way for inspiring generations and disseminate values. The company believes in sport as a pleasurable way to lead a healthier and more balanced life and through the brands seeks to engage its consumers and awake the instinct of sports, besides strengthening its commitment with athletes and the sport community.

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