Official Sponsors of Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Imagem Rio 2016


Embratel bets on sports so that Brazil will communicate more and better

Embratel is the most complete Brazilian telecommunications operator. The company offers complete telecommunications solutions to the domestic market, including local telephone services, domestic and international long distance services, data transmission, video, Internet and cable television, in addition to providing services anywhere in the Brazilian territory with solutions via satellite. Embratel is part of the America Movil Group, a leading telecommunication company in Latin America.
The Embratel-Claro Consortium was selected to be the official exclusive sponsor of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in the Telecommunication Services category. That selection represents the continuity/sequence of the activities Embratel has been developing within the sports sector, as it was the first company to sponsor Rio de Janeiro application to host the greater sports event in the planet.
“We are very happy and honored to be the sponsors of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. This is the result of a project we initiated in 2008 with the application of Rio de Janeiro,” said José Formoso, president of Embratel, stressing that the initiative is also a golden opportunity to demonstrate the quality of Embratel’s services.
The company is very well prepared to provide, with the highest level of excellence, the entire telecommunication infrastructure required to promote the games. With this, the company assumes the commitment of helping engaging the Brazilians with the Olympic spirit, and make it a tool to transform the reality.
Today, Embratel is a model in the market, as the company selected sports as one of its institutional tombstones to show that, with sports, it is possible to overcome social and cultural barriers, and engage the Brazilians with the most passionate theme. The selection of sports to be the institutional platform of the company was strategic, as it allows being closer to all publics of interest, targeting the building of a further closer and longstanding relationship.
Embratel has been investing in major athletes in the Country, including Bruno Senna, Cesar Cielo, Diego Hypólito, Tiago Camilo, Emanuel, Alison, Maria Elisa, Talita, Isabel Swan, Martine Grael and Rafaela Silva. Together, those athletes form a group of heroes: the Embratel Team. That group of winners receives full support to get along with their missions, with the best conditions to overcome limits and further exceed.
The goal of Embratel is to help Brazil create, develop and maintain sport stars. Without any doubt, sport stars inspire and excite the entire nation, rouse patriotism, impact everyone, from the common citizens to opinion makers. The sport star is an example to be followed due to many factors, including discipline, persistence, personal effort, modesty, team spirit and solidarity.
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