Rio de Janeiro is the main tourist destination in the South Hemisphere

International consulting firm survey reveals the number of international visitors increased by 7.8% in 2008

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Host City of the Olympic Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro is the leading tourist destination of the South hemisphere, a survey published on January 20, by Euromonitor International, revealed. The opinion poll was conducted in 2008, one year after the Pan American Games Rio 2007, and shows that Rio was the destination of 2.82 million international tourists, representing a 7.8% increase against the previous year. The survey covers only tourists who stayed at least 24 hours in town. Rio appears in the 40th place of the general ranking. London leads the ranking with 15.03 million visitors. Because of 2016 Olympic Games, Rio should receive a growing number of international visitors. The Ministry of Tourism is forecasting that the number tourists from abroad in Brazil by 2016 should have increased from 10% to 15% percent against 2015.

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