Rio 2016 presents the Olympic Games sponsorship program intentions to the advertising agencies

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Photo: Inovafoto
Photo: Inovafoto
The Organizing Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has met with the country’s leading advertizing agencies to present, for the first time, the intentions of the Olympic Games Commercial Plan, the biggest sponsorship program ever produced in the country. The event was held on Thursday 7th, in São Paulo. Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Rio 2016 Committee president, and Leonardo Gryner, CEO, highlighted the many opportunities of sponsorship brands activation during the six years that precede the Games and the importance of the advertising agencies in this process. “The agencies will play a crucial role not only before their clients, but also in the creation of moving and successful campaigns”, said Nuzman. The Olympic Games are a unique platform for the sponsorship companies to promote innovative technologies, ideas, products and new ways of thinking. With the revenue from the sponsorship program, the Games structure is developed, which in 2016 will welcome 11 thousand athletes. “The Olympic Games value the host country local culture, besides placing it in the focus of the international and national press”, explained Gryner. The Rio 2016 Committee will present and provide details of the sponsorship program at an event in Rio de Janeiro, on December 2nd. “The new Olympic cycle was very clearly presented and now remains the expectation for November”, said Luis Felipe Tavares, Koch Tavares president. “It is all pretty new and the presentation film was what impressed me most. I think it represents the achievement symbol”, said Luiz Leite, Ogilvy Brasil CEO, referring to the video produced by Fernando Meirelles for the presentation made in October 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, when Rio de Janeiro was chosen by the International Olympic Committee as the host city for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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