Paralympic Pre-Games Training Camps Guide is presented in London

The process has selected over 170 sports venues in more than 70 cities to host the National Paralympic Committees (CPNs)

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Primeiro encontro com os CPNs aconteceu na Casa Brasil, em Londres  (Photo: Wander Roberto/Rio 2016™)
Primeiro encontro com os CPNs aconteceu na Casa Brasil, em Londres (Photo: Wander Roberto/Rio 2016™)

The Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee took the opportunity of the Paralympic Games’ occasion to launch the Pre-Games Paralympic Training Camps Guide with a series of breakfast meetings for the National Paralympic Committees (CPNs) members. The first round was held last Saturday at Casa Brasil, located at Somerset House.

The sport director of Rio 2016™, Agberto Guimarães, explained the process which selected more than 170 sport venues in over 70 cities in the five Brazilian regions for receiving the National Olympic Committees (CONs) and National Paralympic Committees (CPNs) for the 2016 Pre-Games training camps periods. The selection of the venues that are suitable for hosting Olympic delegations during the 2016 Olympic Pre-Games training periods resulted from a registration and selection process of 12 months, which took into consideration the technical requisites and recommendations from the International Sports Federations. Other assessment criteria were applied, such as accesses to the venue, distance from domestic airports and hotel and hospital infrastructure available in its surroundings.

All city, state and federal sport organisations, public and private teaching institutions, military institutions, private sport clubs and enterprises engaged in sport-related businesses and owners of other facilities were encouraged to participate in the process.

“With this process, we seek to take the Games to other cities in Brazil, encouraging local governments and private organisations to invest in the renovation of the venues in order to meet the training needs of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes”, said Agberto Guimarães.

Mario Cilenti, Rio 2016™ NOC/NPC Relations and Services and Olympic and Paralympic Village Director highlighted the integration between the planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the Organising Committee: “We will basically have the same team serving the CONs and CPNs, with the same level of service. We have already organised visits of some CPNs to Brazil, as they are interested in initiating their planning for the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games.

The online guide, which also offers information on accessibility to the venues, may be accessed at the Games official website (

As an online tool, the Rio 2016™ Pre-Games Training Camps Guide may undergo updates until 2016, thereby allowing to extend the benefits of the Olympic Games to new venues that failed to complete all the stages of the registration and selection process. The CPNs representatives also received a publication with descriptions of each Brazilian region.

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