Oscar Niemeyer visits the new Sambódromo, stage of Carnival and a Rio 2016™ venue

The legendary architect projected one of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous tourist attractions three decades ago

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Eduardo Paes and Oscar Niemeyer visit the new Sambodromo  (Photo: Foto: Rio 2016)
Eduardo Paes and Oscar Niemeyer visit the new Sambodromo (Photo: Foto: Rio 2016)

The new Sambódromo, stage of Archery and the finish line of the Rio 2016™ Marathon, to be inaugurated this Sunday 12, had an illustrious guest last Wednesday. The legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer, responsible for the original project in the 80s, was hosted by the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, to walk along part of the “Samba Passageway” and see the refurbishment works which are about to be completed.

Niemeyer, 104 years old, could see the realisation of its initial proposal, which included grandstands on both sides of the avenue. The new format has increased capacity from 12500 to 72500 people.

“I am happy to see this new work which actually belongs to the people and stages the party of the people every year, the Carnival”, Niemeyer said.

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Mayor Eduardo Paes reminded that Sambódromo is the second venue which has been refurbished for Rio 2016™ by the city hall, after the Athletes’ Park. He celebrated the possibility of completing Niemeyer’s dream.

“He created this scenery almost 30 years ago. We have now finished it. This work has emerged from Rio’s Olympic dream. Sambódromo is an icon, one of Rio’s landmarks. This work will give Carnival a new look as of 2012”, he said. 

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