Rio 2016 Games boosting infrastructure, environmental and social projects

Governments present list of 27 initiatives that have been accelerated by the Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Infrastructure works being carried out in Rio de Janeiro will bring various benefits to its population (Photo: EOM/Cidade Olímpica/Rio 2016)

The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games have acted as a catalyst for the acceleration of 27 government projects in the areas of infrastructure, the environment and social improvement. The projects, which include the revitalisation of Rio de Janeiro's historic port area, the extension of the metro system and the creation of a light rail transit (LRT) service in the city centre, were presented in Rio today (16 April) by the federal, state and city governments.

The initiatives - which also include sanitation improvements, anti-flood measures and the construction of educational and sports facilities - were already planned by public authorities but have been brought forward by the decision to award Rio the right to host first the Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America.

Of the 27 projects, 24 have already had their budgets defined, with a total investment R$24.1 billion. The governments said that 43 per cent of this total is private investment (R$10.36 billion) and 57% is publicly funded (R$13.74 billion).

In January, The Olympic Public Authority (APO) presented the matrix of responsibilties, the list of commitments assumed by the three levels of government in relation to projects directly linked to the staging of the Games. The same month, the Rio 2016 Organising Committee released its budget for the organisation of the events. The organising committee's budget will be funded exclusively by private investment.

The following video explains the different strands of funding:

The governments said that 20 of the 27 legacy projects are well underway, with contracts signed and works in progress. The links below are for the complete lists of projects by each level of government. Please note that these details are only available in Portuguese.

City government

State government

Federal government

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