Rio 2016 education programme officially added to city schools curriculum

Initiative aims to promote Olympic and Paralympic values to youngsters

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The Rio 2016 education programme already reaches 28,000 students in the city's public schools (Photo: Rio 2016/Alex Ferro)

The Rio 2016 education programme, known as Transforma, will be taught in 162 city schools in Rio de Janeiro. One of the main Games legacies, the programme aims to promote the Olympic and Paralympic values to young people. The partnership with the city education department was confirmed on Thursday (July 3).

In the first half of 2014, the programme has been running in 52 schools, benefiting about 28,000 students, with special educational materials, courses and challenges, such as the Rio 2016 Values Marathon. The programme’s website also offers tips for activities and support material that schools all over Brazil can download and use.

Schoolchildren are provided with opportunities to try a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports, which are taught in categories, such as racket sports or combat sports, rather than in isolation.

A selected group of teachers, educational coordinators, tutors and student leaders have received training in order to promote the course and values and start developing the programme in the city’s schools.

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