New angles for an old flame: video on Rio de Janeiro is a hit online

“Time of Rio” treats the city’s feeling joining an exuberant nature with the agitation of an up-and-coming metropolis

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The video "Time of Rio" has more than 250 thousand views online (Photo: Rio 2016™)

Capturing the feel of a city in its golden age mixing breath-taking landscapes and the accelerated routine of a up-and-coming metropolis is the motto of a video that has won over people online in Brazil and abroad.  “Time of Rio” has been headlining since December online, testing new angles for an old and widely portrayed passion: Rio de Janeiro.

From the eyes of two photographers, one from São Paulo and the other from Recife, the film shows the inexhaustible source of beautiful and innovative images of the Marvellous City.  Using image capturing techniques like slow motion, time lapse, hyper lapse the authors show historic, touristic locales and the intense rhythm of the inhabitants of the host city of the world´s largest sports event in 2016.

“We love living in Rio de Janeiro and know that our film really shows our love for the city.  The city´s beauty makes us very happy” says Gustavo Pellizzon, co-producer with partner Marcos Michael. The video has more than 250 thousand views online.

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