International Sport Federations working closely with Rio 2016

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Periodically, the Olympic and Paralympic International Sport Federations send representatives to Rio de Janeiro to monitor and support the Games project’s progress, with visits to competition sites and meetings with the organising committee. The federations are responsible for technical aspects, such as the competition fields of play, equipment and refereeing.

Representatives of the International Sports Federations come to Rio from all over the world, contributing a colourful mix of cultures and languages to the Games planning process. But when it comes down to business, we all speak the language. Because we all have the same goal: to deliver unforgettable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016. You can find out what the federations think about our plans, using the info-graphic below. It will be updated after each visit and translated from the native tongue.

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  • Hockey

    We had a key meeting around Deodoro which is obviously a subject
    that has been debated quite a lot over the past few months and we
    had a detailed presentation on the cluster operations. I must say that
    was quite comforting because we got a lot more detail, which gave
    us a really good idea of the flows, how the different
    client management services will operate during
    Games time and you can really feel the sense
    of urgency now. I think they´ve demonstrated
    a lot of progress so that was really positive
    from our point of view.

    Kelly Fairweather

    Chief Executive Officer of the
    International Hockey Federation (FIH)
  • Badminton

    Vi har en masse gode diskussioner om de næste etaper. Vi er nu midt i
    planlægningsfasen, og tingene begynder at tage mere og mere form,
    Ved de første besøg havde vi nogle generelle drøftelser, og vi fik en fornemmelse af, hvordan vi skulle arbejde. Nu begynder vi at tale
    om de forskellige områder, og vi har nogle nogle sjove
    diskussioner som fx sportspræsentationer. Så det
    handler ikke længere kun om vægge og tage.
    Det er ret interessant.

    We are having a lot of good discussions about the next steps. We are now in the middle of the planning process and things are starting to become more and more specific. In the first visits, we had some overall discussions and we were getting a feeling of how we were going to work. Now, we are starting to talk about different areas,
    having a few fun discussions like sport’s presentations.
    So it’s not only about walls and roofs anymore.
    It’s quite interesting


    Thomas Lund

    Secretary General of the
    Badminton World Federation (BWF)
  • Sailing

    It’s great to see how the venue is being developed, the progress is visible. We already had in Rio a wonderful place for sailing, but now we can see that Marina da Glória will also be a great field of play for the 2016 Olympic Games. Of course there is a lot to be done yet, there are many plans to be approved and we have to create
    some buildings, but we’re going well towards
    having a great sailing competition in Rio.

    Alastair Fox

    Head of Competitions at the
    International Sailing Federation (ISAF)

    Discutimos diversos assuntos importantes, entre eles a questão do local de competição da bocha nos Jogos Rio 2016. Nosso planejamento é para que a competição seja o mais interessante possível para o público. Estamos estudando a disposição das quadras no espaço, o calendário e o horário dos jogos para que
    tudo favoreça os torcedores e contribua no
    reconhecimento do esporte e dos atletas

    We discussed various important subjects, including the boccia competition venue for the Rio 2016 Games. Our plan is for the competition to be as interesting as possible to the public. We are studying the arrangement of courts in the venue, and the calendar and times of matches in order for everything to favour
    fans and contribute to recognition
    of the sport and athletes.


    Joaquim Viegas

    Vice President of the Boccia
    International Sports Federation (BISFed)
  • GOLF

    The purpose of this visit was to conduct an operational review and monitor the construction of the course. We saw great progress in planning, and the appointment of the competition manager was fundamental as this person brings experience to the project and further reinforces the partnership between the federation
    and the committee, which has been very strong
    from the start. The Rio 2016 Games golf course
    has the potential to be a veritable work of art,
    but it needs to advance quickly. We are
    sure that Rio’s beauty and the spirit
    of its people will make golf’s return
    to the Olympic Games memorable.

    Antony Scanlon

    Executive director of the
    International Golf Federation (IGF)
  • Cycling

    Cela a été une très bonne visite. Nous avons défini les zones de
    départ et d'arrivée pour les compétitions de Rio 2016 et aussi les
    conditions des parcours qui seront utilisés. Les épreuves à Rio
    seront tout à fait différentes de celles réalisées
    dans d'autres Jeux, comme Pékin et Londres.
    Le parcours ici sera assez typique de la ville

    It was a very good visit. We defined the competition start and finish areas and also the course conditions on the roads that will be used. The events will be quite different from the ones in Beijing and London. The course here will be typical of Rio.


    Philippe Chevallier

    International Cycling Union (UCI)
    Sport and Technical Director
  • Wheelchair

    The two days of meetings were really productive, both for us and for Rio 2016. We shared some important information and working together from an early stage will prevent problems during preparations. We visited both venues (Riocentro and the Olympic Arena) and they are great. I knew both from the
    2007 Pan-American Games. The Rio 2016 team
    which is working with wheelchair basketball
    is extremely competent and we are confident
    that Rio will organise great Games.

    Maureen Orchard

    President and Secretary General of the International
    Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF)
  • Canoe

    Nous avons pris connaissance de l´avant-projet de
    l'installation de canoë slalom, qui est une structure
    assez complexe, nous avons fait quelques observations et
    nous avons clôturé la réunion sûrs que l'installation offrira
    toutes les conditions pour que la compétition des Jeux
    Olympiques soit un succès. Nous sommes
    également très satisfaits de la proposition du
    Comité Rio 2016 pour que le canoë slalom et le
    cyclisme BMX aient une zone d’opération et
    de services commune, ainsi évitant
    des dépenses inutiles.

    We were shown the basic design plan of the canoe slalom venue,
    which is a rather complex structure. We made some observations
    and, by the end of the meeting, we were sure that the venue would
    offer all conditions needed for a successful Olympic Games
    competition. We were also very satisfied that the
    Rio 2016 Committee’s proposal for canoe slalom
    and BMX cycling include a shared operations and
    services area, avoiding unnecessary costs.


    Jean-Michel Prono

    International Canoe
    Federation (ICF) Technical Delegate
  • Wheelchair

    It was a great opportunity to meet teams from the committee’s
    different areas. The preparation has been very good. A lot of work
    has already been done and we still have many things ahead of us.
    The base that was built will give great security for the
    coming years and will ensure excellent Games.

    Richard Allcroft

    Technical Delegate of the
    International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF)

    Suurin syy vierailla on tavata ihmiset Riossa jotka ovat vastuussa ' goalball' ja moneen muuhun asiaan. Olen sitä mieltä, että myöhemmin on helpompaa kommunikoida ihmisten kanssa kun olet tavannut heitä. Kannustan muita liittovaltioita
    vierailemaan jos heillä on mahdollisuus. Tulla
    tapaamaan ihmiset ja alkaa rakentaa suurta
    tapahtumaa yhdessä. Suunnitelmat urheilu
    areenoista, joita arkkitehdit näytti minulle,
    ovat erittäin hyviä. Minulla on sellainen
    tunne että Brasilialaiset suunnittelevat
    erinomaisia kisoja.

    The main reason for the visit is to meet the people here in Rio who are involved with goalball and other areas. I feel that later on it’s easier to communicate with people when you’ve meet them. I would encourage other federations to visit if they have
    the chance. Come and meet the people here and
    start to build a great event together. The plans
    for the venue, which the architects showed
    me, are very good. I have a feeling that
    the Brazilians will put on great Games.


    Kari Rasanen

    Goalball Sport Director
    of the International Blind
    Sports Federation (IBSA)

    El objetivo de la visita es coordinar los proyectos de las instalaciones y decidir cómo van a cumplir los requisitos de FINA para los Juegos Olímpicos. Es un esfuerzo de colaboración, trabajando juntos, para desarrollar las instalaciones más técnicas y operativas de los Juegos Olímpicos. Ha sido mucho trabajo reunir todas las
    opiniones, ha sido muy interesante. El próximo
    paso es recibir todos los programas instalaciones
    y establecer una nueva fecha para la próxima
    revisión, cuando entraremos en detalles
    más específicos

    The aim of the visit is to coordinate the venue projects and work out how they will fit with FINA’s requirements for the Olympic Games. It is a collaborative effort, working together, in order to develop the most technical, operational venues ever in the Olympics. It has been a lot of work, putting all the
    opinions together, it has been very interesting.
    The next step is to receive all the updated
    programmes and projects for the venues and
    establish a new date for the next revision,
    when we will go into more specific


    Joaquín Pujol

    Chairman of Facilities Technical Committee
    International Swimming Federation (FINA)

    A medida que pasa el tiempo, el nivel de compromiso del equipo Río 2016 aumenta. Nuestro deporte es muy complejo. Son muchas reglamentaciones, la cantidad de equipo que el deporte requiere es muy grande y hay que poner atención a todos los detalles. Hoy sabemos que la primera
    prueba test de los Juegos será la de Vela,
    en 2014, en la misma época de la
    competición, en agosto. Rio se
    halla en el buen camino.

    As time goes by, Rio 2016 team’s level of commitment increases. Our sport is very complex. There are many regulations, the amount of equipment that the sport requires is very large and we must pay attention to all the details. Today, we know the Games’ first test
    event will be a sailing one, in 2014, at the
    same time of the year as the competition,
    in August. Rio is on the right track.


    Scott Perry

    International Sailing
    Federation (ISAF) Vice-President

    Those were three very productive days. Rio de Janeiro is preparing well to host such a great event. Of course there is a lot of work ahead but I believe the organising committee’s professional team will overcome this challenge. I was here last March and we can already see huge
    progress. The Brazilian people are very
    lively and I believe that in August 2016
    they will be even livelier.

    David Luckes

    International Hockey Federation (FIH)
    Director of Sport

    Estoy muy satisfecho con lo que veo aquí. El Comité Organizador está muy bien estructurado y definido, con profesionales que saben bien lo que tienen entre manos. Esto permite al evento desarrollarse de la mejor forma
    posible. Maracanãzinho es la casa del Voleibol
    brasileño y mundial. La instalación está
    lista para recibir los mejores jugadores
    del mundo en 2016.

    I’m really pleased with what I’ve seen here. The organising committee is well structured and defined, with professionals that understand what is in their hands. This allows the event to be developed in the best possible way. Maracanãzinho
    Arena is the home of Brazilian as well as world
    volleyball. The arena is ready to host the
    world’s best players in 2016.


    Cristóbal Mart Hoffiz

    International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)
    1st Executive Vice-President

    Det vigtigste for BWF er spillehallen. Dvs. hvad vi har brug for, hvad vi kan bidrage til kvaliteten af spilleområdet/banerne og at alt fungere perfekt. Badminton vokser meget i Asien, og vi håber at opbygge en større fanskare i Sydamerika. Det er en sport der kan spilles på stranden, og badminton
    passe godt sammen med den brasilianske
    sportsånd, så jeg tror, at sporten
    har et stort potential for vækst her.

    The most important thing for us is to know about the venue. What we need, what we can contribute to the quality of the field of play and everything around so everything works perfectly. Badminton is growing a lot in Asia and we hope to capitalise on the Games to win more fans in South America.
    It is a sport that can be played
    on the beach and it has everything to do
    with the spirit of the Brazilian people,
    so I think the sport has a lot of
    potential to grow here.


    Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen

    Badminton World Federation (BWF)

    We hebben drie zeer productieve dagen met Rio 2016
    gehad. We hebben de route meerdere malen gelopen en de locatie heeft een geweldige potentie. Het zal fantastisch worden, compacter en aantrekkelijker
    dan Pooit. Londen 2012 was geweldig, maar
    hier willen we het nog beter doen, het zal
    spectaculair worden.

    We had a very productive three days with Rio 2016. We walked the course several times and the potential of the venue is amazing. It will be very exciting, more compact and more attractive than ever. London 2012 was
    amazing, but we are aiming even higher;
    it is going to be spectacular.


    Peter Van den Abeele

    International Cycling Union (UCI)
    Manager Off-Road Disciplines

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