Hockey special: European tradition comes to the Rio 2016 Games

Series of reports presents the sport’s challenges and major highlights in the international arena

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Originating in Europe, hockey will have the opportunity to gain new fans in South America at the Rio 2016 Games (Photo: Getty Images/Daniel Berehulak)

One of the most traditional sports of the Olympic programme, hockey, is the subject of a special series of reports on the site this month. Originating in Europe, the sport will arrive in a new continent in 2016, during the first edition of the Olympic Games in South America. The challenge? To increase its popularity here and win over a new territory.

The first hockey games date back to antiquity, with records of the sport played among the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Aztecs. In the mid-eighteenth century, the sport was developed in its current format in English schools and, three centuries later, will mark its participation in the Olympic Games for the 24th time.

In 2016, the competitions will take place in the Olympic Hockey Centre, which will begin construction this year in Deodoro. After the event, the centre will become an important legacy for Brazilian sport. Though not yet widely practised in Brazil, the sport already inspires the daily routine of a number of cariocas, as shown in our series of videos.

In this special report, you will find an international overview of hockey, understand how the Rio 2016 Games will be able to contribute to the growth of the sport in Brazil, discover how Germany is preparing to vie for its fifth Olympic title, and get to know the plans of Argentine Luciana Aymar, considered the best player of all time.

Check out the schedule:

Monday (24/02) – In the face of European dominance, hockey searches for a place in South America

Tuesday (25/02) - Rio 2016 Games could be a watershed in the history of hockey in Brazil

Wednesday (26/02) – Germany aims for a fifth title in the Rio 2016 Games

Thursday (27/02) – Meet Argentina Luciana Aymar, the sport’s best player in the world

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