Fans from all over the world take over Rio's streets for FIFA 2014 World Cup

Visitors from the four corners of the planet mingle with locals and enjoy the famous carioca hospitality

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American and Brazilian supporters celebrating together on Copacabana beach (Photo: Getty Images/Richard Heathcote)
The streets of Rio de Janeiro have been taken over. Flags of different countries, painted faces and colourful decorations have blended into the city landscape during the FIFA World Cup, which is estimated to have brought together 850,000 fans, including Brazilians and foreigners. It's a diverse and, above all, passionate crowd.
As the sporting action happens at the Maracanã and other stadiums across the country, Copacabana beach, home of the FIFA Fan Fest, has been alive with cheers in a multitude of accents and languages. Despite the cacophony, everyone can understand each other. This festival-like atmosphere can be found in other parts of the city, where streets have been specially decorated for the occasion.
‘Gringos’ – as they are affectionately called – have joined locals to celebrate. The cariocas, as Rio residents are known, are putting aside any rivalries in welcoming their guests with open arms, as the visitors try out samba, visit the tourist attractions and get a taste of the Rio lifestyle. 
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