A deep dive into Swimming: the champions talk about Rio 2016

Keep up with a series of specials about the sports that will shine at the greatest sporting event in the planet in 2016

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Rebecca Soni in Rio de Janeiro: the champions talk about Rio 2016 (Photo: Photo: Rio 2016)

This week on, you check out a series of specials about the sports that are part of the Rio 2016 Programme. Aquatics crosses the start line with Swimming, one of the most traditional disciplines of the Olympic Games.

During four days, there will be published profiles, interviews, articles and photos, besides a new and complete presentation of the sport on its page.

Learn more on the champions’ expectations for the first Games of the South America. How the athletes are training, their stories, the behind-scenes, the routine of the discipline and the journey of the Olympic Movement till 2016.

Check out the agenda:

Tuesday, 17 May
César Cielo, the fastest man in water

Wednesday, 18 May
Oussama Mellouli and Kirsty Coventry: Africa wins the world

Thursday, 19 May
Rebecca Soni, a phenomenon among the major stars of the pools

Friday, 20 May
Games’ Makers: Ricardo Prado, an Olympic medalist at the Rio 2016 Organising Committee


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