National Shooting Centre: Brazil on the top of the world

Olympic champions, coaches and experts analise the sport structure that will be used in the Games of Rio

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National Shooting Centre overview  (Photo: ©CO-RIO)
National Shooting Centre overview (Photo: ©CO-RIO)

Worldwide reference in Shooting infrastructure, the National Shooting Centre Tenente Guilherme Paraense, located in Deodoro region, Rio de Janeiro, fascinate those paying a visit, working and competing there. 50 thousand square metres of area and ranges for all events of the sport, it is one of the most important legacies of the Rio 2007 Pan-american Games, a gift for the lovers of one of the most traditional sport of the Olympic programme, disputed since the first edition, in Athens 1896. The name is an attribute to a serviceman that won the first Olympic gold medal to Brazil achieved in the rapid fire pistol event, in Antwerp 1920. During the World Military Games that have livened up the city last week, Rio 2016 has invited Olympic champions, coaches and experts to analyse the venue strutucture that will host Shooting competitions in 2016. Check out! Rajmond DebevecSeven Olympic Games as athlete, gold in 50m rifle 3 positions in Sydney 2000 “I only have superlatives. It is fantastic. Actually, it is a kind of copy of the Olympic Shooting range of Sydney 2000 with some improvements. Having a great range as model, you have built an even better one. I am glad to be in such a good Shooting centre to our sport. The Olympic Games have a tradition in pursuing better conditions at every new edition. It is a friendly complex for marksman and the audience.” Oleksandr PetrivOlympic Champion in 25m rapid fire pistol in Beijing 2008 “It is a beautiful Shooting range, it is very good. It is of high quality. There is nothing I can complain about. The ones who will be here in 2016, besides getting to know Brazil, South America, will be in an excellent facility to the practice of the sport.” Hu An PingChina team coach “This Shooting Centre is a high level one, it is of Olympic level. It is a good thing that the Games will be disputed in a new continent, the South America, and in such a good facility.” Jens Peter BindesbollDinmark team coach “It is a facility in the level of the world’s best ones, there is no doubt about that. It offers athletes everything they need. At this level, Shooting becomes a sport that is 10% to 20% about training and 80% about the mind, about emotional balance, about focus. It is important to have a favourable atmosphere, and this range offers that.” Júlio AlmeidaBrazilian marksman that competed in Beijing 2008 “The Shooting range is ready and is structurally on the top of the world. Of all ranges I know, this one can only be compared with Beijing one, used in the 2008 Olympic Games. We are already capable of receiving major sporting events as this one (World Military Games) and even the Olympic Games. It just miss some little details, as TV sets and markers, things that are easy to install.” Ana Luiza FerrãoBrazilian shooter confirmed in London 2012 “One of the best ranges I have ever been to. If you ask the foreigners who compete here, you will only hear compliments. It will take a while to the 2016 Games to happen, but I hope that it would be an incentive opportunity to the practice of the sport. Brazil shows some advantage with this range, which is a great progress for Shooting in our country.” Gustavo NascimentoRio 2016 Organising Committee Sports Venues Design Manager “The Shooting Centre is the best example of technical excellence inside a sport facility. It is not me that is saying so, it is the International Federation, that sets the regulation of the sport in the world. They are fascinated by that facility. There are few things to be done there. It is a reference facility.” Agberto GuimarãesRio 2016 Organising Committee Sport Director “There are few adjustments to be made in The National Shooting Centre because of the Olympic Games. This doesn’t mean that the facility as a whole doesn’t comply with the technical needs of the sport. All we have to do are some operational adaptations so that the facility can work 100% within the needs of Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is a high standard Shooting range, certified by the International Federation. Of all facilities we have, this one is the most prepared to receive the Games.”


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