MY PARALYMPIC PICTURE: The story of “Light of hope”

Aline dos Santos Rocha is the main character of one of the Cultural contest winning photos

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Aline in one of the cultural contest winning photos  (Photo: Photo: Fernando Alves)
Aline in one of the cultural contest winning photos (Photo: Photo: Fernando Alves)

A story of determination, courage and achievement conquered through sport. This is the Paralympic Games and Aline dos Santos image, main character of “Light of hope” photo, one of “My Paralympic picture” Cultural Contest winning photos.

Photographed by her coach and boyfriend Fernando Alves during a training session at her hometown, Joaçaba, Santa Catarina state, Aline prepares herself to the regional Athletics championship, in which she will compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m sprint track events. The technique applied on the professional wheelchair, which she started using one year ago, the strength in the arms and the energy to train and study show the fighting spirit that contaminates and serves as an example.

“I hadn’t practiced sport before the car accident that has left me paraplegic. This has happened five years ago. It has taken me some time to discover Athletics, but when I started, I have soon competed in the Santa Catarina Games. The main goal is to dedicate myself more and develop myself even more”, says the young woman at 20 years old.

A promising athlete to Rio 2016™, Aline divides the attention between the training routines and the Physical Education school. The sport has become her focus, her reason and her motivation to a way of light, as the photo that made her the winner of the contest. The Paralympic Movement appreciates that.

About the photo

After I became a handicapped person, the world has faded away for me. A ray of light has lighted when I met the adapted sport. It made me track a large road, so far unknown for me. This sun is my ray of hope, the light that makes me keep on this movement, somewhat lonely.

Aline dos Santos Rocha

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