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One of the first professionals to be hired by the Human Resources (HR) area of the Organising Committee for the Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games, Eloise Brillo has a great mission ahead of her: creating a diversity and inclusion culture in the Organising Committee during the Games, ensuring that athletes, the public and other clients notice an environment where everyone feels appreciated.

Her goal is starting to be reached with the launch of Incluir (Include in Portuguese) Programme. “With this programme, the Committee will have professionals with all kinds of disabilities, as defined by the Ministry of Labour (visual or hearing impairment; physical, intellectual or multiple disabilities)”, Eloise rejoices. Through the programme, three job positions were filled by people with intellectual disability who will perform administrative tasks in Rio 2016™ from May.

Eloise started working for the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee in March 2011, responsible for structuring the Recruitment and Selection area. In order to achieve her goal, she needs to influence and develop policies that ensure the entire workforce (hired manpower, volunteers and contractors) is made of a great variety of people.

“When I started, the Committee had only four people in the HR sector and now we have 35 professionals working in that area. I started as Recruitment and Selection Coordinator. With time, I became also responsible for the interface between the HR area and the Executive Board of Commercial Directors”, she said.

Eloise participated in the recruitment of about 400 people aligned with Rio 2016™ values; she identified and hired people with experience in previous Games editions; she structured and launched the hiring plan for people with disabilities; she took part in structuring the internship programme as well as the recruitment programme for Sports Competition Leaders, together with the Sports area, a programme advertised all over Brazil, with more than 1,000 applicants, in order to find about 50 specialised professionals.

“We started partnerships with NGOs, developed a communications plan, we held proactive interviews and this work bore us excellent fruit. In the beginning of 2012, the sector’s database had approximately 90 candidates and today there are more than 800”, Eloise explained. “We have people with disabilities in various areas and various performance levels, including senior management positions/Heads of areas”, she concluded.

With a degree in Administration from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), postgraduate studies in Human Resources at COPPEAD/UFRJ with an MBA in Corporate Management and Development, Eloise Brillo started her professional career in the financial market, in an investment bank, where she performed work similar to the one for Rio 2016™, hiring a huge number of employees.

“I took part in the fusion process between two institutions. It was a very complex process, the junction of two very different cultures. For HR, it was a period full of employees’ recruitment (about 30% increase) and a moment of creation of a new culture, policies and procedures”, she said.

Eloise also worked in the HR Projects area of a great oil company where she worked in the salary and organisational development areas, later becoming responsible for the Diversity and Inclusion, Organisational Climate and Internal Communication areas.

The experience was fundamental for her to work as Rio 2016™ Head of Diversity and Inclusion. “We’ll give our support to all functional areas so that, in their strategies, they take into consideration actions that ensure an inclusive environment. We’ll exchange experiences with partners and sponsors, apart from establishing diversity-related plans together with NGOs as well as other institutions and entities related to the subject”, Eloise concluded.

The environment created in the Organising Committee by people of different races, gender, creeds, age, geographic regions, ideologies, sexual orientations and socioeconomic status is but a small token of the diversity concept the Olympic and Paralympic Movement proposes. A true union of all nations working for a better world.

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