Daiane Ramos

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Daiane Ramos poses in the new building of the Rio 2016™  (Photo: Lucas Freitas/Rio 2016™)
Daiane Ramos poses in the new building of the Rio 2016™ (Photo: Lucas Freitas/Rio 2016™)

We have only three years and five months left before the promising Opening Ceremony of South America’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games. Each day, Rio 2016™ Organising Committee’s work gets more intense. Many milestone dates have already passed and many more are still to come. Last Monday, 11th March, was one of these dates. It marked the Organising Committee’s permanent move to its new headquarters, located in Estácio neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro’s central region, after leaving the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) building, in Barra neighbourhood.

In charge of offering the best possible work environment to all professionals who work at the Organising Committee in order to celebrate the world’s greatest sporting event, Daiane Ramos, from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, was thrown headlong in this position since 9th October 2011. With the experience of someone who worked in renowned stadiums such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham and Wembley and in events such as Royal Ascot and Reading and Leeds Festivals, Rio 2016™ Procurement Department’s Administrative Manager returned to Brazil with the goal of turning the country into an example of Games organisation and excellence.

“My work is simple but complex at the same time, I need to offer a harmonious, safe and functional work environment. Every day, the administrative team works to deliver an appropriate workplace for everyone to fulfil their functions. My function also requires that I meet professionals that are qualified, prepared and committed to be part of this team and even to get the Brazilian market and suppliers to serve an organisation like ours, with so many particularities”, Daiane explained.

But how can one plan a workplace that has 440 professionals today and that will grow on a monthly rate until 2016? In December, for instance, the Rio 2016™ headcount will already include around 600 people.

“Our work is always integrated with the workforce/HR (Human Resources) area that, with the headcount curve, manages to present each month the hiring forecast. Whenever we put this together with the possible numbers of outsourced people hired until December 2013, we reached an equation of job positions by functional areas. It was a delicate process because there are areas that have strong relations with others and therefore it was a detailed job that we did along with our managers. From here, it’s a potpourri of information that we need to bind together. We also need to create a priority matrix that will repeat itself with the next phases of this innovative project that will allow more than 2000 professionals to be accommodated in a venue with a housing module structure, a sustainable concept and a modern look”, said Daiane.

Experience that leads to excellence

As a teenager, Daiane moved to the State of Santa Catarina and, thinking of a diplomatic career, she graduated in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. However, she pursued an administrative career and did an MA in Management at Middlesex University in the UK.

“However, the same year I graduated, I received an offer to study English in London and, in 2003, I went to live in the British capital where I was supposed to stay for a year after having already worked for large companies in Brazil”, she explained.

In London, Daiane worked three years for a Facilities Area company in the main English stadiums and in large sporting events. She was in charge of logistics of the emergency, corrective and operational cleaning teams.

“During large events, we did everything from searching for more than 200 resources for the event, timecard control, uniforms logistics, team deliberations according to work areas, supervisors’ allocation and delivery checklist. During external events, I coordinated the research logistics, the professionals’ journey home, the inputs purchase budget, the worksheet payments and each event’s logistics”.

A living example of this globalised world, Daiane also lived in Italy for eight months, worked as HSBC UK Facilities coordinator and was in charge of all catering, gardening, pest control, security, cleaning and conservation services as well as meeting rooms, interoffice and external mail, façades cleaning and waste disposal in Kodak’s European complex which includes seven buildings.

Daiane also worked for the Metropolitan Police Service in London: “I saw the possibility of learning how to deal with people from different cultures, languages and behaviour, something I understand to be crucial in every profession that deals with people. That is when I took part in the London Police selection process and, year after year during the course, I was based at Wembley Police Station and took care in particular of events of great repercussion as well as protecting the local community.  I have been on unpaid leave until 2016”.

The longing for home and the possibility of working for the greatest sporting event brought back to Brazil this professional from the South of Brazil who is now living in Rio de Janeiro. It’s another great achievement for the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee that looks for competent and experienced professionals to host the world’s greatest sporting event while bringing out the best in the Brazilian people.

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