Carlos Jorge dos Santos

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Carlos Jorge dos Santos  (Photo: Arquivo Pessoal)
Carlos Jorge dos Santos (Photo: Arquivo Pessoal)

The Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games will have a Carioca feel with the paradisiacal curvature of tropical landscapes and the Brazilian spirit.  Carlos Jorge dos Santos, Look of the Games Manager of the Organising Committee, and his team will be responsible for the remaining visuals. Their mission will be to deliver a striking and inspiring visual identity, key to the memorable experience of the very first edition of the world´s greatest sports event in Latin America.

Brand management will define the design and creation of graphic elements. Then, Design Management begins creative development (layouts) of all pieces composing the Look Program Technical Manual. During the process, the department evaluates new structures, proposing sustainable solutions for the production and printing of materials for all items.

“When we began working, we thought about each venue’s characteristics, keeping in mind that people want Games feeling and to record who was there.  When we did the 2007 Rio Pan-American Games, many people stopped in front of the different Look elements to take pictures.  The look is so important that it inspires the athletes to do their best”, points out Carlos Jorge, who has been working with the Olympic Movement since 2005.

Observations made in London

The manager was at the 2012 London Olympic Games as an observer, participating in the Look of the Games Program’s final evaluation visit of all sports venues. This is when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requests final adjustments and approves delivery quality.

“It’s the decisive test for our department because this process occurs during the final installation stage, which is generally the most critical since time is not on our side.  We can learn a lot from the British Organising Committee team”, he notes.

In London, one of the highlights was the “spectaculars” program, with large Olympic rings and Paralympic Agitos displayed at iconic locations, like Tower Bridge.  Londoners and thousands of visitors could even see mapped projections on the façade of the British Parliament buildings, on the banks of the Thames, and the project lighting various bridges.

Some of the initiatives required up to two years of negotiations with the public administration, changing the lighting colour of renowned Big Ben during the competitions.  “The partnership with governments and its role in ensuring that the city becomes a setting for the Games is crucial”, he said.

New Organising Committee headquarters, the first Games delivery

The Look of the Games area’s projects are divided into three groups: the look of the Games themselves (sports and non-sports venues), the look of the city and technical consultancy provided to develop other Games-related programmes.

“Within the sports venues, great care is taken to plan the look, responding mainly to the technical requirements of each sport.  London was a success story in the execution of creative projects, like the blue hockey surface outlined in hot pink”, says Carlos Jorge.

The creative concept for visual interventions in the city gives it a Games “look”, in compliance with the master concept defined by the Organising Committee.  These visual interventions are approved by the IOC and the International Paralympic Committee and executed by Rio authorities and football cities. Moreover, it guides all sponsor activities.

“At a time when the city is the world´s showcase, the look strengthens the Games’ identity. It´s a great opportunity for exposure and, if realized harmoniously, it will also appeal to the city´s inhabitants. Strengthening their self-esteem and highlighting the importance of hosting the world´s largest sporting event”, he concludes.

One of the first department deliveries will be creating the setting of the new Rio 2016™ Organising Committee headquarters, located in the Centre of Rio. It is the first non-sports venue built for the Games. The locale’s visual identity will be developed by the manager’s team in partnership with the Venue Department, a job developed over one year.

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