Alexandre Luna

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The broadcast integration manager, Alexandre Luna  (Photo: Rio 2016™)
The broadcast integration manager, Alexandre Luna (Photo: Rio 2016™)

The moments marking the world´s greatest sport event are accompanied by the watchful eyes of millions of spectators worldwide. Through the camera lens, each movement by participating athletes will travel thousands of kilometres and reach the living room in a matter of seconds. In order to ensure that this coverage is synchronised, a lot of work has to be done in the backstage of the Games coverage. Manager Alexandre Castro Luna, responsible for Rio 2016™ Broadcast Integration area, and his team integrate different Committee functional areas and the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).

As the group´s name indicates, its main mission is to promote integration among areas. Indeed, they speak with almost the entire Committee. “More than 50 functional areas have some type of interface with broadcast planning. One of our most important roles is to facilitate communication among these areas to ensure that all our plans comply with the deliveries required by our clients”, says Luna. He has been the area lead since March 2012.

Moreover, it is also the team´s responsibility to exchange information that the Committee developed with the OBS and to ensure that the needs identified by the organization are reflected in projects developed by Rio 2016™. The OBS is the Host Broadcaster of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and is responsible for generating and delivering the television and radio signals to the organisations holding transmission rights.

“We have different obligations in terms of infrastructure and services until the Games. All these deliveries must consider joint broadcast planning with the OBS. In designing a unique venue, for example, you need to include an area to operate broadcasting, identify all sites for positioning cameras, reflectors and other equipment, identify equipment cabling paths, of course, and establish the site of the mixed zone area, the location for commentators, etc. We accompany all these deliveries, ensuring that they are delivered on time and with the expected quality”, he comments.

Between May 13th and 17th, 27 OBS employees, including its president, Yiannis Exarchos, were in Rio de Janeiro to get to know the competition venues and launch the Games´ broadcast planning. According to Luna, now is the time to structure monitoring and reporting processes of all actions planned until the World Broadcast Briefing. This event is scheduled for the second semester and, in it, rights holding broadcasters will get to know the Rio 2016™ Games coverage and transmission plan.

An opportunity to ally experience with knowledge

Experience in the area of technology has already provided Alexandre with his first contact with the world of sport. “I worked at a multi-national technology firm and served the company´s major clients. One of them was the Rio 2007 Organising Committee of the Pan-American Games (CO-RIO). This contact gave me the chance to work in the Pan, where I was responsible for the Games telecommunications infrastructure for broadcast”, he completed.

After the Pan-American Games, Luna continued by working in the Candidacy Committee, but his desire to search for new experiences had a stronger pull. Two days after the announcement of Rio´s victory to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the administrator landed in Madrid to begin a Master´s degree in the technology field.

"I wanted to change a little my work area, and I decided to do a Master´s degree for this reason. I arrived in Madrid, which, coincidently, was a host city candidate and competed with Rio for the 2016 Games, two days after the announcement. I remember seeing the posters around the city and the news trying to understand their defeat. At the time, I had no idea that I would return to work for Rio 2016™. Coincidentally, the day I received my Master´s degree, I received an e-mail inviting me to join the Committee and I came right back here”, he said.

Part of the Rio 2016™ team since February 2011, the broadcast integration manager now allies his professional experience in the field of technology with the management knowledge he acquired during his years of professional training.

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