GAMES’ MAKERS: Erick Brito, a more than special accounting analyst

Rio 2016™ implements active recruitment policy for people with disabilities

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Erick Brito, Rio 2016™ Organising Committee accounting analyst  (Photo: Rio 2016™)
Erick Brito, Rio 2016™ Organising Committee accounting analyst (Photo: Rio 2016™)

A different laugh cut the silence of a tense day in the headquarters of the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee. With an air of surprise and curiosity, all eyes look at an average height figure in metal glasses, a dress shirt and an enlightened face, typical of those who are at the first day in a new job. Two or three persons welcome him, and the first jokes come naturally. Laugh and make other laugh is a house specialty. Erick Brito was already part of it.

The 42 years old accounting analyst from São Paulo has a good sense of humour. With a résumé filled with multinational companies, he is living many changes. It is the first time he works outside his hometown and the first time he is living by himself. He can go walking to Recreio Beach, close to the Committee headquarters. On July 2011, he was one of the first professional with disability to complete the Rio 2016™ staff.

“I have motor and speaking disabilities. I type and write with a delay of 30% to 40%, for example. Threading the needle thread, then, is a real nightmare (giggles)! Some people lose their patience, but I know how to deal with it. I am cool with it. I am here for those who wants to listen me. I am ok with it”, he comments.

The accounting degree at a first class university of São Paulo was the beginning of a strong career. His professional experience made him responsible for some key tasks at the Finance Department. At the Rio 2016™Committee, his team role is to control the entries and consolidate the data.

The barriers along the way just increase the meaning of his achievement: “Despite all the know-how, the bachelor degree and the professional background, despite all of that, people still offer some resistance. We cannot sugar-coat things, can we?”.

Active recruitment policy for people with disabilities

The human resources department is implementing an active recruitment policy for people with disabilities. Once they are identified, they have their profile analysed and are indicated to the functional areas according to their needs and availability. Harmonious diversity and respect for the differences are two of the greatest values in the organisation.

Opportunity is the key-word to people like Erick, who has great ambitions. Adapted to his new life, he pursues the goals which have always guided his way. Symbol of the Committee essence, he celebrates the present with the optimism of those who build their own future.

“If my speaking disability let me, if I find a way, I would like to be appointed as a coordinator, a manager. I know I am capable of it. I also know my limitations. For instance, the act of speaking would be a problem in a potential leader position, in which I would have to attend meeting where this is one of the main working tools. Even knowing that, today, time is money”, he says.

“I have to find people who are willing of slowing down a bit and letting me finish my consideration. The important thing here is that they know they will not hear any foolish from me.”

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