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Rio 2016 Organising Committee collaborators five years before the Games  (Photo: ©Rio 2016/Sergio Huoliver)
Rio 2016 Organising Committee collaborators five years before the Games (Photo: ©Rio 2016/Sergio Huoliver)

The Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games completed five years on 5 August 2011, a special date in the countdown to the greatest sporting event on the planet. On this day and in the entire month of August, many activities were part of the celebrations.

In the morning of the same day, in a ceremony held at City Palace, Rio de Janeiro, the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, and Rio’s Mayor, Eduardo Paes, started the celebrations with a presentation of the Rio 2016 Progress Report, besides showing the world the Strategic Pillars of the Games.

Rio City Hall has also showed the results of the actions regarding the preparation of the Games, and the economist Maria Silvia Bastos Marques was sworn in by Mayor Eduardo Paes as the head of the Municipal Olympic Company, the organisation in charge of coordinating all City Hall projects for the Olympic Games.

The collaborators of the Rio 2016™ Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games gathered to take a historical picture in celebration to the date in headquarters located in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio.

On Saturday, 6 August, it was inaugurated the first venue for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Athlete’s Park. Three hundred metres form the Olympic and Paralympic Village, in Barra region, the 123,000m² park is the result of a 44 million reais City Government investment. During the Games, it will be exclusively dedicated to leasure and relaxation of the athletes.

Till 2016, the area will host a series of events, starting in September and October, with the fourth Rock in Rio festival (previously carried out in the terrain where it will be built the Athletes Village), that already has two more editions scheduled to happen in 2013 and 2015. Besides a space dedicated to big events, the city will also win, after the Games, a new park in an area deprived of public leasure spaces.

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Comemorações também nas mídias sociais

On Twitter, Rio 2016™ asked the fans what they planned and wished to be doing in 2016. The fans shared their expectations towards the year of the Games and, using the hashtag #in5years, more than 500 hundred people were reached by the action.

On Facebook, Rio 2016™ launched the application See You in Rio in 2016. With it, the fans can choose what they will be doing by the time of the Games, where and with whom. Then, they can set a photo with friends in one of the many iconic landscapes of the Wonderful City. Get to know the application and see yourserl in the host city of the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games!

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