Elite athletes with disabilities perform leading roles in the official film for the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games emblem launch

A team of 100 people used a number of Rio landmarks as shooting sets

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Brazilian Paralympic athletes and famous Rio landmarks play leading roles at the Paralympic Games emblem launch video, unveiled to the world at a major event at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, venue of both Paracanoe and Rowing Paralympic competitions in 2016.

In two days of filming, a team of 100 people transformed a number of Rio landmarks like Arpoador, the Sao Joao Fort, Copacabana and Botafogo Beaches, as well as some of the venues for the Paralympic Games as the Velodrome, the Joao Havelange Stadium, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park and Marina da Glória into shooting sets.

In these beautiful settings, elite athletes, instead of actors, played their daily training routines before the cameras, with strength and determination. High quality shooting equipment was used in the film, including two underwater cameras.

Since the beginning, the three-minute film of the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games emblem features a series of close-ups highlighting the athletes’ preparation and concentration during their training sessions. At the end, the film reveals the physical and sensorial challenges that do not stop them from overcoming barriers aiming for the podium. It creates a sense of continuity in relation to the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games emblem film, as both tracks share a set of similar chords.

The peak is reached at the empty Joao Havelange Stadium, where an athlete appears bent over, hands on his knees, showing exhaustion after another full training day. But his imagination takes him to 2016 and the setting changes. We hear the noise of the fans who, little by little, take the seats and fill the stadium to capacity. The face of the athlete changes and he now looks full of joy. The Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games emblem then appears in the centre of the field of play.

The Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games emblem film was produced by Conspiração Filmes, directed by Andrucha Waddington, co-directed by Tomas Portela, with Claudio Henrique as the executive director. Claudio Peralta, also from Conspiração, was responsible for special effects and logo animation.

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