Archery competition at Sambódromo in 2016 will increase the sport’s visibility

According to the current best Brazilian athletes, the competition site will help attract more fans to the sport

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Sambódromo, the stage for traditional samba schools parades  (Photo: Riotur)
Sambódromo, the stage for traditional samba schools parades (Photo: Riotur)

Sugarloaf, Corcovado, Copacabana Beach, Lapa Arches… Among the greatest Rio de Janeiro tourist sites, Sambódromo is also one of the city’s greatest cultural symbols. The stage for traditional samba schools parades, in 2016 it will host the Archery events of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to Brazilian athletes, the idea, besides being original, is perfect to attract more fans to the sport.

“I shot arrows at Sambódromo once, for a news report. I think it’s a great place for the competition, as it will give Archery great visibility. I believe it will attract everybody’s attention because of all its history. The idea of having the stage of a celebration like Carnival host a sport in the Olympic Games is very interesting”, archer Sarah Nikitin said.

Daniel Xavier also participated in the training session that was held in February 2012 after Sambodrómo’s capacity was increased. The only representative of Brazilian Archery in the London 2012 Olympic Games, he hopes to experience a lot of excitement on site.

“Shooting arrows at Sambódromo was amazing. I could imagine those seats full of people and cheer for Brazil in our sport in 2016. I found the idea very interesting and it helps me remember that in order to fulfil this Olympic dream once again”, Daniel said. And he continued:

“I’m sure this will be an unforgettable competition due to the history of the place, not only for Rio de Janeiro but for all Brazil. It’s a place where every year Brazilians experience several exciting moments. I’m sure this will be a competition of the highest level and that Brazilians will watch a beautiful show performed by archers from all over the world”, he commented.

Archer Marina Canetta pointed out the interest generated in the international media as well as in the public, both in Brazil and abroad, as the main positive aspects for the choice of the Archery competition site in 2016.

“The positive aspect is, without a doubt, the publicity for the sport. Sambódromo is one of Rio’s major tourist sites and for a little-known sport like ours, that’s a gift”, she considered.


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