AN INCREASINGLY MODERN PENTATHLON: A new world for the centenary sport

Included in the Olympic programme since Stockholm 1912, the traditional competition aggregates new elements from London 2012

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Equestrian is one of the five sports  (Photo: Photo: ©Getty Images/Clive Rose)
Equestrian is one of the five sports (Photo: Photo: ©Getty Images/Clive Rose)

Developed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the creator of the Olympic Games in the Modern Era, Modern Pentathlon celebrates 100 years of Olympic Games looking into the future. The competition, which combines five sports into one – Athletics, Swimming, Equestrian, Fencing and Shooting - a symbol of the pursuit of the all-in-one athlete, undergoes changes to maintain the tradition; the advents of the laser pistol and the combined event introduce a new world to the Modern Pentathlon fans.

To analyse the first Olympic cycle after the changes, which culminates with London 2012, and the potential impacts on Modern Pentathlon over the next few years, this week Rio 2016™ gives the word to the president of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM), Klaus Schormann, and to the current Olympic champions, German Lena Schöneborn and Russian Andrei Moiseev. As recognized athletes, they also talk about their careers and expectations in the first edition of the world’s largest sporting event in South America to be held in four years.

At last, the greatest names of Brazilian Modern Pentathlon provide an overview of the sport in the country, and comment on the legacies of Rio 2007 Pan-American Games and the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games.

Check out the publications:

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The myth and the limits: Andrei Moiseev and the saga for the tri-championship

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Inspiration and Transpiration: The Modern Pentathlon in Brazil

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