Paralympic Emblem

  • Emblem essence ?

    Passion and Transformation

    Passion that unifies all Brazilians in organising the Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games. Transformation in the pride of creating a new reality for progress.
    Passion through sports, reflected in the drive and desire for achievement. The passion of the Carioca soul that extends a warm and friendly embrace, in a collective gesture that expresses our contagious celebratory nature.
    Passion and transformation of a city and an entire country, fuelled by the renovation of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit, projecting Brazil and Rio de Janeiro to the world.
    Passion and transformation of our planet and its people, by promoting a more interdependent, conscious and sustainable culture, as an inspiration to the present and a legacy for the future.
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    Emblem pillars ?

  • Emblem pillars

    Contagious Energy


    The Rio 2016™ Paralympic brand evokes exciting stories of Paralympic athletes who promote examples of excellence which will surprise, enlighten, educate and showcase that anything is possible. It captivates people as they become part of amazing experiences of passion and transformation, driven by pride, conviction, drive and inner-strength.


    The desire to outdo yourself, the joy and emotion of overcoming the biggest challenges are strongly present in the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games brand. It releases a vibrant, captivating and contagious energy, powered by the achievements of Paralympic athletes, which acts as a powerful source to drive transformation. The Brand is an expression that all challenges are achievable through excellence, determination and dedication.
  • Emblem pillars

    Harmonious Diversity


    The brand respects differences. It believes in the value of each individual and invests in the sum of all talents for the collective good, reaching out to all and to include them. The Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games celebrate diversity and emphasize what brings us all together. It underlines the principle that we are all one people of one world.


    Open, welcoming and for the benefit of all, the brand of the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games extends a general invitation, addresses all people and embraces all places beyond any limitations. As a legacy, it builds a bridge between the achievements of Paralympic athletes and the acceptance and appreciation for people with a disability. The brand contributes to the development of a more equitable society with respect and equal opportunities for all individuals.
  • Emblem pillars

    True Engagement


    Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games brand engages with its positive and lighthearted spirit. It is optimistic and has a captivating language. It naturally changes the way people see things. The brand challenges the way we think, it makes us no longer look at differences, but inspires everybody to apply the spirit and accomplishments of Paralympic athletes to our own life. It is a challenger brand that is ready to lead societal change.


    The brand possesses a genuine and engaging energy. It involves people by creating powerful experiences. Being aspiring, outgoing and involving, it unites people in a renewed perspective. It creates a lasting connection that enables a new view of an inclusive world that is richer and more inspiring.
  • Emblem pillars

    Paralympic Spirit


    Grow, transform and evolve each day. Like Paralympic athletes, the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games brand is driven by determination to show leadership and inspire change. Sport is a vehicle that leads an individual towards achieving personal success, the brand inspires others to surpass expectations. The brand will be an energy that ensures continuous development of athletic performance, the Paralympic Movement and societal change.


    Just like Paralympic athletes, the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games brand wants to perform at the highest possible level. Paralympic athletes strive for excellence and no barrier will be too large in achieving this goal. The brand shares the passion to perform and to accomplish what others believe unachievable. In its pursue, the brand remains dedicated in living up to higher values and shares with the world that striving for excellence applies to everyone.