Olympic Emblem

  • Emblem Essence ?

    Passion and Transformation

    Passion that unifies all Brazilians in organising the Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games. Transformation in the pride of creating a new reality for progress.
    Passion through sports, reflected in the drive and desire for achievement. The passion of the Carioca soul that extends a warm and friendly embrace, in a collective gesture that expresses our contagious celebratory nature.
    Passion and transformation of a city and an entire country, fuelled by the renovation of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit, projecting Brazil and Rio de Janeiro to the world.
    Passion and transformation of our planet and its people, by promoting a more interdependent, conscious and sustainable culture, as an inspiration to the present and a legacy for the future.
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    Emblem Pillars ?

  • Emblem Pillars

    Contagious Energy


    Celebrate each conquest. Share affinity. Captivate the world with a unique rhythm, composed of partnership, beauty and creativity. The brand of the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games is energetic and expressive. It celebrates life with passion and extends a warm friendly welcome, giving the rest of the world a memorable image of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.


    Transform the present and the future. Reflect the creative force that fuels our desires and aspirations, believing in a positive and empowering vision of the future that strengthens our self-esteem and allows us to reach even further.
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  • Emblem Pillars

    Olympic Spirit


    Going beyond your limits, overcoming challenges with joy, drive, motivation and energy. The Rio 2016™ Olympic Games brand is a living example of transformation through sports. Its energy is contagious, mobilizing people and expanding opportunities and horizons. It promoteand fosters Olympic values - respect, friendship and excellence - in our daily lives.


    The Rio 2016™ Olympic Games brandbalances spontaneity and commitment with quality, lightness and attention to details. It knows that all that is truly unique requires a combination of inspiration and refinement. A creative, yet careful approach, capable of writing an exciting and unique story.
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  • Emblem Pillars

    Exuberant Nature


    The exuberant nature, of Rio and its Cariocas, of its scenery and its people, is reflected in the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games brand. It's a mirror of a living scenario, framed by the vibrant nature and human warmth of a city that lives joyfully and likes to share its sky, its ocean, and its happiness.


    The Rio 2016™ Olympic Games brand derives its shapes and colors from nature's wisdom, discovering its essential elements. It knows that the future consists of the present and, therefore, awakens in each of us a desire to transform. It believes in the power of interdependence among people, ideas and actions. It understands that promoting a more thriving, conscious and sustainable culture is the biggest legacy for our planet and the future.
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  • Emblem Pillars

    Harmonious Diversity


    Rio 2016™ is a brand that believes in diversity - of ideas, of ethnicities, of people and cultures. It knows that true wealth lies in the harmonious blend of different influences and origins. In one single embrace, it extends a warm welcome and celebrates the encounter. It stimulates the commitment and participation of all around a common ideal.

    Young Spirit

    The Rio 2016™ Olympic Games brand is driven by light and positive energy. It expresses an easygoing way of life, the contagious spirit of youth, full of energy and enthusiasm that attracts and inspires people of every generation. It is acatalyst for the transformation of the Olympic Movement. An invitation to engage and participate.
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