Press Operations

The Rio 2016 Press Operations Department is responsible for planning, preparing and providing the services and infrastructure needed for the accredited written and photographic press and non-rights holders TV and radio broadcast networks attending the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games - as well as their technical support teams.

The department is also responsible for operating the Main Press Centre - MPC, Venues Media Centres, Photography Services Centre, Olympic News Service - ONS and it provides other services dedicated to the press such as: accreditation, accommodation, catalogue of products and services, technology and transportation.

World Press Briefings are held to inform the international press on the project progress and provide information on services and infrastructure to accredited persons. The first of these briefings was held in October 2013. We provided our clients updates on Rio 2016 planning so that they might better plan their Games coverage. The program included visits to venues that will be used during the competition.

Rio 2016 shares official documents with the press through the Rio Exchange extranet, which has a section dedicated to Press Operations. The Rio Exchange is a central and secure place for information sharing during Games preparations between Rio 2016 and all other stakeholders, partners and clients. To request access, just visit and register under the Press Operations.