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Find out about opportunities in 2015 and apply to join the Rio 2016 team

If you would like to apply for a position, please click on the vacancy below and submit your resume/CV. If your profile does not fit any of the current vacancies, you can monitor this site for new openings or click here to register your details on our database. All opportunities are published only on this website and candidates must go through a selection process led by Rio 2016, without any type of fees for candidates.

Rio 2016 will only advertise vacancies on this page for positions for which the organising committee will organise a work visa, if necessary. The Portuguese version of this page features vacancies for candidates who already have a Brazilian work visa.

Find out about opportunities in 2016 and apply to join the Rio 2016 team

To find out about vacancies in 2016, please go to All vacancies will be listed there and you can submit your resume/CV there.

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Organising committee

Diversity manifesto

Rio 2016 believes in diversity. Our team is and will be composed of people from varied races, cultures and origins.


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