Isaquias Queiroz

Isaquias Queiroz
Canoe Brazil

Isaquias Queiroz

First Brazilian world champion in canoe, in the C1 500m event in 2013
Full name: Isaquias Queiroz dos Santos Date and place of birth: 3 January 1994 – Ubaitaba, Bahia, Brazil
Height: 1.75m Weight: 84kg


He began canoeing at the age of 11 He discovered the sport through a social project Other sports He would also like to do artistic gymnastics, especially
the rings
Nickname ‘Sem Rim’ (No Kidney) – a fall from a tree in his childhood led to one of his kidneys being removed He stopped studying at high school But intends to do a university degree in physical education
Favourite food Chicken stroganoff Pets He doesn’t have any, but he likes dogs and cats
Before competing He always says a prayer Rio de Janeiro in one word Achievement

Funniest situation in
a competition

Who he wants to meet in
the Olympic Village

“They took away my uniform too early and, when it was time to go up onto the podium, I didn’t have any clothes! I ended up borrowing some clothes from my teammate Sebastián Cuattrin. They were large, and the trainers were enormous, but they did the job. However, he also had to go onto the podium right afterwards, and so he had to borrow clothes from someone else!” Usain Bolt
Isaquias Queiroz
Our goal is to strongly pursue the first Olympic medal for Brazilian canoeing. The more we train, the more sure we will be that we will do well when it’s time to compete. I guarantee that we will strive and focus on Rio 2016 in order for the dream of this first medal to come true.
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