Guilherme Dias

Guilherme Dias
Taekwondo Brazil

Guilherme Dias

Bronze medal at 2013 World Taekwondo Championships in Puebla, Mexico Category: up to 58kg
Full name: Guilherme Dias Alves Date and place of birth: 27 July 1992 – Brasilia (DF), Brazil
Height: 1.84m Weight: 58kg


Took up the sport as a child because he was hyperactive and the taekwondo school was the “closest to home” Studied physical education at university Dropped out to dedicate himself full time to sport but guarantees that he will eventually complete his studies
Hobbies Poker, Rubik’s Cube and puzzles Favourite film Inside Man
Rio de Janeiro in one word Achievement First thing he does after a tournament Eats pizza and açaí, his favourite foods


Who he wants to meet in the Olympic Village

Places more weight on right foot on mat at the start of a bout; wears new briefs for important competitions and hangs them up in his room prior to a bout to get used to them. Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal
Usain Bolt
Guilherme Dias
I want to be Brazilian taekwondo’s first Olympic gold medallist. To achieve this objective at home, to hear the national anthem play from the top step of the podium, would be a dream fulfilled.
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