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28 August 2014

How does the Rio 2016 Volunteer Programme work?

The tradition of volunteer work at the Games started in 1952 in Helsinki, Finland, with around 2,191 participants. In 2016, approximately 70,000 volunteers will continue this legacy, contributing to the staging of the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America.

A Rio 2016 Games volunteer is someone that:
Makes it happen


Values other people

Appreciation of diversity and inclusion

Promotes joy


In order to become a Rio 2016 Games volunteer,
a number of premises must be taken into consideration, such as:
Rio 2016 offers its volunteers:
  • Food during workdays
  • Transport in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area
  • Online language courses
  • Full uniform
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Exclusive training sessions
  • Certificate of participation

Remember that the cost of accommodation and transfer to Rio and the football cities
(São Paulo, Brasília, Belo Horizonte and Salvador) are the responsibility of the volunteer.

Each person, with his/her skills and aspirations, is personally motivated to be part of the Rio 2016 Games. Some wish to participate behind the scenes and build their own story together with the event. Others consider this the first opportunity to act as volunteers and, consequently, improve their professional CV through networking as well as the training they receive throughout the selection process. Some volunteers will meet people from other cultures and boost their self-confidence. How about you? Find your own personal motivation and participate!

Where to work and what to do:

As a volunteer, you may conform to one of two categories:

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