Fernando Fernandes

Fernando Fernandes
Paracanoe Brazil

Fernando Fernandes

Four-time world champion, two-time Pan-American champion and three-time South American champion Classification: A
Full name: Fernando Fernandes de Pádua Date and location of birth: 28 March 1981 – São Paulo (SP), Brazil
Height: 1.9m Weight: 85kg


Started practising paracanoe after being paralysed from the waist down in a car accident When competition is over He likes listening to My Way by Frank Sinatra
Has organisation mania Writes everything down in a paper notebook Favourite films Point Break and A Beautiful Mind
Has 13 tattoos His lucky charms He is a model And has taken part in a Brazilian reality show

After the car crash


He has skied in the Aspen mountains, parachuted from 4,000m, surfed the Pororoca in a kayak, rowed 55km in the San Francisco river and completed 42km in the Disney Marathon. Ayrton Senna
Fernando Fernandes
When I got into a kayak for the first time, I recovered the freedom and all the ability I thought I had lost. In the kayak, I realised I was equal to everyone.
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