Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions section was created to easily clarify the main subjects concerning the Rio 2016 Games.

  • 1. How much will the Organization of Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games cost and who will fund it?

    The Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 is in charge of Games planning and operation. For that, the Organizing Committee relies on a budget of R$ 5,6 billion that was approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The organizing Committee intends to have the full budget funded by private organizations, but the three levels of government – federal, state and municipal - have assured to the IOC that they will cover any funding need the Organizing Committee may face.

    The organizing Committee is not responsible for any works. The cost of venue and infrastructure works, adding up to R$ 23.2 billion, will be managed by the three government levels.