Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions section was created to easily clarify the main subjects concerning the Rio 2016 Games.

  • 1. Why has Brazil decided to compete to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

    Rio 2016 bid was driven by the wish to bring together the power of Olympic and Paralympic sports and the festive frame of mind of cariocas, with the purpose of bringing sustainable development to Brazil and to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. For cariocas this development would be linked to the transformation of their city by the establishment of a new urban infrastructure, generation of new environmental, physical and social initiatives, new advantages and opportunities for all. Another reason was the possibility of encouraging Brazilian economy and tourism because of the Games, gaining for Brazil a new level of international recognition and enhancing its reputation as a thrilling place, where living, doing business and travelling is an excellent option. Additionally, the long term vision of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) and of its president Carlos Artur Nuzman has always included the possibility of hosting large events in Brazil as the best way to accelerate sport development in the country.

  • 2. Who chose Rio to host 2016 Games?

    Rio de Janeiro was awarded the right to host 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games by the 121st Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the general assembly of this body, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 2, 2009. Rio won the final round of voting by 66 votes against the 32 votes given to Madrid, the other finalist.

    The result of all the rounds of voting was the following:

    Rounds of voting123
    Rio de Janeiro264666


  • 3. How much did Rio’s bid cost and who funded it?

    Phase I – Applicant City: R$ 9.106.905,02

    RevenueFederal GovernmentState GovernmentTOTAL
    Public Funds3,022,097.883,279,984.986,302,082.86
     Donations by individualsTOTAL
    Private Funds2,804,822.162,804,822.16
    GENERAL TOTAL9,106,905.02

    Phase II – Candidate City: R$ 80,995,946.63

    RevenuePublic funds Private fundsGENERAL TOTAL
    Federal government47,402,531.75Instituto EBX13,000,000.00 
    State government3,617,556.00Eike Bastista10,000,000.00 
    Municipal government4,995,620.93Bradesco S/A3,500,000.00 
      Odebrecht S/A3,300,000.00 
      Embratel S/A3,000,000.00 
    TOTAL56,015,708.68 34,033,726.0090,049,434.68

    * TAM contributed with R$ 1,233,726.00 in the form of discounts in air tickets
    NOTE: The residual balance was used to fund the first months of operation of Rio 2016 Organizing Committee