Chris Bond

Chris Bond
Wheelchair rugby Australia

Chris Bond

Gold medal winner at London 2012 Paralympic Games
Full name: Christopher Adam Bond Date and place of birth: 28 May 1986 – Frankston, Australia
Height: 1.81m Weight: 65kg
Classification: 3.5 Disability: He had to have both his legs, his left wrist and all but one of his fingers on his right hand amputated due to an infection during leukemia treatment


Nickname Bondy Pets He has two Labrador dogs
When not training or competing He enjoys fishing and admiring the sunrise with his girlfriend and his black Labrador, if he is behaving The best aspect of being a professional
athlete is… “Travelling the world playing the sport I love and representing my country.”
He also likes to play Lawn bowls – “I don´t mind a lazy Sunday session at the club.” Favourite meal Lamb backstrap on polenta mash, green beans with red wine jus – “Back in my days as a cook I couldn’t ever resist it.”
Best thing about the Olympic Village The food - “Free food 18 hours a day and a selection of many different cuisines - heaven for a hungry athlete.” Rio de Janeiro in one word Party

Funniest situation in a competition


“A few years ago playing against Great Britain at the London 2012 test event I was knocked out of nowhere by the British player Mike Kerr and his big pick bar (front bumper). I fell straight into his lap and couldn't quite get off. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed me on the cheek and with his big Scottish accent said: 'I'm not that easy, lad, you can start by buying me a drink!'" Clinton Schifcofske a former Australian rugby league player
Ryley Batt his teammate on the Australian wheelchair rugby team
His mum
Chris Bond
Most kids grow up watching the athletes that embody the spirit of their country. To have worked hard enough to reach that level of privilege is a great achievement and an awesome feeling. Nothing tops it off like winning gold arm in arm with your loyal troops, battered and bruised but victorious on the world stage.
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