Cesar Cielo

Cesar Cielo
Swimming Brazil

Cesar Cielo

Olympic champion in the men’s 50m freestyle at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Two-time Olympic bronze medallist: men’s 100m freestyle (Beijing 2008) and men’s 50m freestyle (London 2012)
Three-time world champion in the men’s 50m freestyle and two-time world champion in the men’s 50m butterfly
Full name: Cesar Cielo Filho Date and location of birth: 10 January 1987
Santa Bárbara D’Oeste (SP), Brazil
Height: 1.95m Weight: 88kg
Specialty: 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly


Before taking up swimming He practised judo and volleyball Undergraduate studies in
international trading - incomplete
Hobby Playing video games Favourite dishes Japanese food and his grandmother’s
chicken with creamy polenta
Favourite movies Pumping Iron and Moneyball He is afraid of needles
On Rio de Janeiro: Can be summed up in one word: heart Funniest situation at a competition “Once the laces of my swimming trunks snapped before a competition and I had to change quickly behind the starting block!”

Best thing in the Olympic Village


“Getting back with a gold medal and going straight to McDonald’s to celebrate the victory with lots of hamburgers.” Gustavo Borges
Fernando Scherer
Roger Federer
Tom Brady
Cesar Cielo
I don’t know how it’s going to feel to represent my country in the Olympic Games on home soil. Here in Brazil, no generation has lived through what we are about to. If someone says they are prepared for what is going to happen, I would like to have a chat with them.
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