Alexandra Nascimento

Alexandra Nascimento
Handball Brazil

Alexandra Nascimento

World champion in 2013 Voted world's best player in 2012
Full name: Alexandra Priscila do Nascimento Date and place of birth: 16 September 1981 - Limeira, São Paulo
Height: 1.79m Weight: 65kg


Besides handball, she has already played... Football, volleyball, basketball and athletics But she’s no good at football “If I have to play, I’d rather be the goalkeeper!”
Likes to sing “I think I’m a good singer (laughs)!” Favourite food Italian
Favourite movie The Matrix Loves animals Has had two chinchillas called Sisi and Pikachu
Dreams of going to ... Mexico and some countries in Africa,
especially Egypt
Union and transparency For her, these are the main virtues of the Brazilian handball team

For good luck in competitions


“My good luck charm is a pendant of St Rita, which was a gift from one of my coaches, whose name was Rita. When I am at home before games, my husband will not let me do anything. I wake up in the morning, have breakfast that he prepares for me, and I try to focus on the game. I try to be calm.” Michael Jordan
Alexandra Nascimento
Playing at home, with the support of the fans, makes a difference. We had the 2007 Pan American Games and 2011 Women's World Handball Championship in Brazil, and both were wonderful. It was like a dream. Hearing the crowd screaming and pushing us is priceless. The public encouraging us in every game will be very important. We count on your support in 2016!
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