Yesterday, we celebrated #500days to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with this epic photo:

 Vinicius no bondinho

To celebrate the event, Vinicius – our mascot – climbed Sugar Loaf Mountain, one of the main tourist sites in Rio. But putting our friend up there safely was an adventure in itself. Take a look:

A few days before going, we made a technical visit and kept an eye on the weather forecast – we didn’t want a wasted trip!

The adventure began at 5.00am – yes, very early – but no one complained. At last, we saw an incredible sunrise!


Even the cable cars were in the #500days spirit!

Our photographer Alex Ferro took the photo. He, together with all his equipment, was tied to the cables so as not to fall.


Hey, Alex! Everything ok? Can we start?


Vinicius arrived full of energy. He climbed on top of the cable car without even looking down! He was calm for one reason: he can fly :P


 And look where our photographer took the photo. Yes, they are on top of the second hill in the post card! Lucky :) 


Then the mist appeared and hid the cable car. 

But at the end everything worked out! And it looks like our mascot enjoyed his day out a lot. He was waving and smiling until arriving back at the first cable car station!

Thank you to everyone who participated and liked our photo. Until next time!

 Plus: it looks like only Vinicius and a certain British agent had an experience on top of the famous cable car: