On 18 October, Brazil celebrates Doctors’ Day as a tribute to all the members of this professional community. Not only are they essential to our personal wellbeing, but without them the Olympic and Paralympic Games would simply not be possible.

Everyone knows that a sound healthcare framework is an essential component of any public event. Imagine what this means for a global event, of literally Olympic proportions! To give you some idea, at the Rio 2016 Games, there will be at least one athlete medical station and one spectator medical station at each of the 37 competition venues, all fully equipped to provide first aid and refer patients to hospital, where necessary.

In addition to medical stations, we are setting up a polyclinic inside the Olympic and Paralympic Village offering delegations from more than 200 countries various services, such as eye care, dentistry, imaging (magnetic resonance, X-ray and ultrasound), outpatient consultations, emergency support and physiotherapy, including rehabilitation, massage therapy and muscle recovery.

Behind the scenes of this mega operation, the Rio 2016 medical services team has had to consider each detail – structural design, furnishings, equipment, materials, medications, flow control, as well as our professional volunteers, who are the stars of this show to ensure that everything is up and running to excellent standards during the Games.

Our team is staffed by professionals with extensive know-how in healthcare and we also have the support of various other departments in the organising committee working in collaboration to guarantee fast, effective and safe medical assistance for everyone sharing the Olympic dream with us.

On this special day, we would like to thank all healthcare professionals for their incredible work, dedication and care for our wellbeing.

If you too would like to experience the Olympic dream and help care for athletes, spectators and all those involved in the Rio 2016 Games, register for the Volunteer Programme and apply to join the team. Visit our webpage, but remember, registrations close on 15 November!