Rio de Janeiro is a great place to play sport, enjoy the beaches and the landscape. But there are also attractions for those who like history, travelling through time without moving and getting to know new things. There are several museums in Rio: modern art, aeronautic and even pharmacy! Here is a list for you to enjoy to the max:

Instituto Moreira Salles – IMS has over 800,000 photographs, 80,000 songs and literature archives, shows, exhibitions and film exhibitions. The building itself is also spectacular!

Fachada IMS
(Via:RioTur / Alexandre Macieira)

Museu de Arte Moderna – You can spend a lot of time here: there are over 15,000 modern art pieces from Brazil and beyond. MAM has a film library with themed exhibitions and a theatre. 

Fachada do MAM
(Via:RioTur / Alexandre Macieira)

Museu do Meio Ambiente – The first museum in Latin America dedicated exclusively to environmental issues, it offers debates and exhibitions. It takes advantage of its location, in Jardim Botânico, to offer activities for children, such as teaching them how to plant a garden

Placa do Museu do Ambiente
(Via: RioTur / Thiago Maia)


Museu Aeroespacial – Is your business engineering? Then this is the place for you! Situated in Deodoro, one of our competition areas, it is the main aeronautic museum in the southern hemisphere. There are over 100 aeroplanes, including a replica of the 14a, by Santos Dumont.

Réplica do 14 bis
(Via:Rio 2016 / Alex Ferro)

Sítio Roberto Burle Marx – Famous Brazilian landscaper lived on this farm and afterwards donated it to the Institute of Historical Heritage and National Art, There, the objects of Burle Marx and his studio were preserved, as well as his garden with over 3,000 types of plant. This makes it a very different museum!

Sítio Burle Marx
(Via: Julian Harxworthy)

Museu da Maré – Created with the intention of preserving the history of the communities of the Maré complex. There is a collection of photographs, videos, domestic and religious objects and toys.

Sala do Museu da Maré

Museu de Arte do Rio – Dedicated to the Cidade Maravilhosa through its exhibitions, it also has a school called the Escola do Olhar, which offers lectures, courses and workshops. 

MAR Fachada

(Via: Museu de Arte do Rio / Andres Ottero)

Museu Histórico Nacional – The MNH possesses an enormous collection of over 300,000 pieces that tell the story of Rio and Brazil. Manuscripts and other texts are open to the public. It also has the biggest collection of coins in Latin America. A different way to tell a story :D

Fachada do Museu Histórico Nacional

(Via:Flickr RioTur)


Museu Nacional de Belas Artes –  Opened with the art collection of Dom João VI, MNBA has over 70,000 pieces of work, including paintings, drawings, prints and furniture. A great place to find inspiration 

 Corredor do Museu Nacional de Belas Artes
(Via: Flickr RioTur)

Fundação Eva Klabin – The museum is the private collection of Brazilian Eva Klabin. And she has collected a great deal: in her ancient house, there are Egyptian pieces, Greek and Roman, Italian, French, Flemish, Dutch, Oriental and pre-Colombian

Sala da Fundação Eva Klabin
 (Via: Fundação Eva Klabin)

Museu da Vida – Science also has its place on our tour, as does health and technology. This museum does science in a fun way. There, you can enter a giant cell: imagine that!

Fachada da Fiocruz com trem
(Via: Fiocruz / Pedro Illiciev)

#HotTip: some of these museums are free and others don’t charge an entry fee on some weekdays. It’s worth checking before leaving the house!


Do you know these museums? Afterwards, tell us how your visit went