It’s normal for me to be approached by colleagues at the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and Games delivery partners about an issue that concerns everyone: what will the Games security be like? Is our market prepared to meet this demand?

At these moments, I always respond with the conviction I have in our project: security will work to guarantee a secure and healthy environment for Games clients, visitors and the public, and especially for the main actors – the athletes – to be able to calmly put into practice that for which they have dedicated years of training.

That’s why we have been working since 2011 with our government partners and public security, defence and intelligence agencies in the three levels of government, as part of a single security plan governed by the principles of efficiency, discretion, unity and technical excellence.

This single security plan means that notwithstanding the various roles that are being defined and agreed upon, everyone will work in alignment, in an integrated and complementary manner. It is clear that private security, coordinated by the organising committee, has a significant role to play in this process. And to engage the sector, we have participated in various events such as the one held last week at Riocentro: LAAD Security, an international public and corporate security fair.

We were offered the opportunity to talk to an audience composed of security agents from many states, at operational and command levels, as well as representatives of the private sector. And the results were very positive. We made the most of the platform to provide an overview of the Games, their dimension and complexity, and explain the security planning process in all its phases.

We demonstrated that we are attentive to the hiring deadlines, the needs of the sector to meet our demands and the training of these agents in good time to participate in the test events and, above all, familiarise themselves with the venues where they will be working.

This type of event, enabling direct contact with the sector and technology companies, which will also contribute directly to the quality and efficiency of security actions, is fundamental to engaging everyone involved. And it’s also an important opportunity to mobilise and raise the awareness of public agents about the great mission awaiting us in 2016.