Did you know that it all began in 1969, when homosexuals confronted police in local bars in New York, in defence of the recognition of equality among all citizens? In memory of these pioneers in the fight for LGBT rights, the LGBT International Pride Day was created.

Here at the Rio 2016 Committee, we are proud to celebrate this day because here the Olympic values inspire and move us.

FRIENDSHIP, which extends its hand and strives for understanding, is present in the relationships between work colleagues. 

Funcionários do comitê juntos
(Via: Paulo Rodrigues)

RESPECT, which includes fair play (respect the rules of the game), is present in the corridors of our working environment; here, we are a diverse community and we respect that, each one having pride in their being and the word “embarrassment” does not belong here.

 Voluntários Rio 2016 na parada gay
(Via:Rio 2016 / Mathilde Molla)

EXCELLENCE, has everything to do with giving your best, as we are all united in organising the greatest sporting event in the world with joy and dedication of all employees, which will help us make the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games a success. 

Voluntários e funcionários Rio 2016 na Parada Gay
(Via:Rio 2016 / Mathilde Molla) 

The concept of DIVERSITY, which we encourage and apply in the organisation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, is a fundamental notion, and essential for us to have the success we expect in 2016. 

Parada Gay
(Via:Rio 2016 / Mathilde Molla)

In this way, we are proud of who we are, of working in this special atmosphere and we embrace all with Friendship, Respect and Excellence in the deliveries we will make.

Voluntários e Funcionários
(Via:Rio 2016 / Mathilde Molla)