19 August is World Photography Day! And behind the photograph is the photographer. But who is the photographer? What is your role in the world?

Prova de Hipismo CCE do Aquece Rio
(Via: Rio 2016 / Alex Ferro)

A photographer is the person who has the responsibility of documenting your experiences, so that it may become an instrument, joining their knowledge to the machine that records the light. To leave for future generations a touch of reality through its lens.

Evento-teste de remo na Lagoa
(Via: Rio 2016 / Alex Ferro) )

It’s exactly what I feel about this Olympic project. My city, in my “brain lens”. Everything changing, everything. I am obliged to document through love for my profession. It gives me great pleasure.

Evento teste de Ciclismo de Estrada
(Via: Rio 2016 / Alex Ferro)

The test events are proof of all this change, this movement, this divine light. The look of the people, the athletes is deeply significant. It is pure emotion.  It is this emotion that I photograph. It is this emotion-movement that I want to offer all of you.

Test event of voley
(Via: Rio 2016 / Alex Ferro)

It’s a Rio warm-up! 
We warm up together. 

Test event of sailing
(Via: Rio 2016 / Alex Ferro)